Oh, hello there. I'm Abbey, and I'm so glad you're here! 

That sweet little face up there next to mine is Kensington Grace, my 7-month-old. If you stay awhile, you'll notice that she frequents these pages quite often. 

She and her dad and I live in Los Angeles. We are California people through and through. 

I'm here because I love to write (and I'm hoping you're here because you love to read! Or just because you're nosy ;) that's totally cool too). I try to keep things pretty real here. I'm as upfront as I can be about the not-so-pretty things, but I live to celebrate the good life has to offer. 

I love the library, chipotle, long walks through Target, reruns of my favorite TV shows, pumpkin flavored anything, and every holiday, ever. I hope you'll find a little of yourself in my blog, and that you'll want to come back for more. 

I'm always looking to make friends so don't be shy, come say hi! 

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