More or Less November

Thursday, November 02, 2017

More... Fall everything, Less... 90 degree days. We went from 97 to 68 in four days. Part of me thinks it's a trick but I'm hoping it's here to stay. 

More... cozy sweaters, Less... t-shirt dresses. 

More... soups, Less... pizza (jk still going to eat all the pizza on the side with my soups).

More... peppermint mocha, Less... PSL. Fun fact about me, as much as I love a good pumpkin spice, the peppermint mocha is hands down my favorite drink of the year and I will be drinking it from now until they take it away from me. 

More... countdown to 25 days of Christmas, Less... 13 nights of Halloween. 

More... audio books, Less... hard copy books. This one makes me a little sad because I love sitting down to read a book I just do not have the time. I'm still learning to love audio books just in general (I have a heard time having someone read to me) but I'm giving it a chance so I don't miss out on all the great books. 

More... giving thanks aka gratitude. 

More... Thanksgiving aka all the food. 

More... Christmas shopping. 

More... best time of the year. 

Less... regular coffee creamer. I've switched to this almond milk caramel creamer and it's pretty delicious. 

Less... Halloween decorations. 

Less... putting off goals that I set at the beginning of last year. 

What are you hoping for more or less of this month? 


  1. Christmas shopping, cozy jumpers and nights in. I'm really excited for the season! This is the most exciting time of the year for me haha. I hope you enjoy all of these things xx

    Sending light & love your way,

    My Lovelier Days

  2. Hahaha the pizza one made me laugh! Not sure I could give up pizza either.


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