The ABC Game

Monday, October 30, 2017

*This photo is totally unrelated to this post but how cute is our girl dressed up like Tigger for a Halloween party we went to this weekend? I honestly couldn't love her anymore than I already do.

Let's get back to today.

Some days the blog post ideas are flowing, and some days they aren't. Today happens to be one of the latter and so I bring you, the ABC game. It's a post I saw floating around way back when in the blog world and saved it in an old draft file to bring out on a rainy day (literally, it is raining this morning). I always love reading "about me" posts, and I hope this will help you learn a thing or two about me, and that maybe choose to play along as well. 

A - Age: I turned 25 this month on Friday the 13th. 

B - Biggest fear: Something happening to Kensington, spiders/all things slithery, and getting stuck on an amusement park ride.

C - Current time: 7:40am aka almost time for the little babe's second (or third?) nap of the morning. 

D - Drink you last had: Hot tea because holy moly it is our first cold morning after being in the high 90's last week and I am freezing. 

E - Everyday starts with: Being woken up by a sweet talking babe on the baby monitor and sneaking in quietly for big smiles when she sees that I've come to get her up. 

F - Favorite song: I wish I had an answer for this right now but the ONLY thing my baby wants to listen to is "Wanna Dance with Somebody" by Whitney Houston on repeat. Why in gods name I have no idea, but it's her fave. 

G - Ghosts, are they real?: I don't see why not. Daniel is convinced that the baby sees things we cant because she is always talking to spots on the wall and ceilings where there isn't any stuff. 

H - Hometown: I was born in Columbus, Ohio but we moved around a whole bunch and somehow ended up here in Los Angeles where we've decided to stay. 

I - In love with: My little family, 13 nights of halloween on ABC family (freeform?), Fall scented pumpkins and the fact that it's actually going to feel like Fall all week long.

J - Jealous of: Anyone who gets to sleep until 8am.

K - Killed someone?: What even is this question. 

L - Last time you cried?: When I updated my Iphone and the photos app sent me this "memories" video with the worlds saddest song and the sweetest baby pictures. 

M - Middle name: Marie 

N - Number of siblings: One little sister, Ryan. She's 20, almost 21 and kind of a badass. 

O - One wish: That babies could understand that when you're trying to put them to sleep it's for good reasons, not bad lol. 

P - Person you last called: Daniels grandmother to let her know we were on our way to her house. 

Q - Question you're always asked lately: Either, "how old are you?" when someone sees me with a baby. Or, "are you getting any sleep" also when someone sees me with a baby. 

R - Reason to smile: Rainy days, baby smiles, Halloween week, sweet family costumes, I could go on and on. 

S - Song last sang: "You are my sunshine, my only sunshine" to the baby when I was putting her down for sleep. 

T - Time you woke up: 4am, but then straight back to bed. 

U - Underwear color: None. It's the morning and I'm still in my jams from bedtime so...

V - Vacation destination: Last year Daniel and I got tickets to CBS Let's Make a Deal. Do you know it? The show with Wayne Brady as the host? Anyway, we won a vacation package and we are currently counting down the months until February when we'll be off for a 10 day (baby free) trip to Argentina. I am 98 percent excited and 2 percent already crying because how will I leave my littlest love for that many days? 

W - Worst habit: Eating like absolute garbage. And not regretting it, ever. 

X - Xray's you've had: teeth, and neck. I think that's all. 

Y - Your favorite food: Sushi, chipotle, carbs (pasta, bread), halloween candy, just give me all the food. 

Z - Zodiac sign: Libra. The balance scale, the peace maker, the mediator.

Play along so I can learn a little more about you! Happy Monday before Halloween, friends. 


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