Swaddles & Sleep Sacks: What Worked for Us Up to Six Months

Monday, October 23, 2017

Since we brought Kensington home from the hospital we have been using different means of swaddles and sleep sacks to keep her comfy and cozy throughout the night. 

They have seemed to work well for us, as she has been sleeping almost through the night since right around 6 weeks or so. At almost 6 months we still use "sleep aids" aka our magic sleep suit (please keep the judgments to a minimum) because they work for us and add an extra level of warmth for her during the night time as we begin to approach the colder nights. 

It feels like we have tried just about every swaddle and sleep sack out there and some have worked better than others for us so I thought I'd share a few here with you. 

When Kenz was really small, we used blanket swaddles for nap times only. I was pretty terrible about correctly swaddling using just the blanket, but Daniel was a professional. He could have that blanket wrapped up tight and snug in about 30 seconds. I got better as time went on, and we used them for roughly the first couple of months or so during naps before she realized she could wiggle her little arms out and became an escape artist. 

Our favorite blanket swaddles were these Copper Pearl Knit Swaddles and these KB Cute Swaddle Blankets. Both blankets are so soft, and easy to use when you know how to swaddle correctly. I loved them both but prefer the Copper Pearl because they are slightly bigger and we still use them as regular blankets in the car seat or stroller today. Both companies have the cutest designs! It was so hard to choose which ones to get. 

After we moved on from the swaddle blankets (and when we still wanted some type of swaddle she could sleep in for night time) we decided to try the SwaddleMe Original Swaddles. These swaddles instantly became my favorite ones for a few reasons. One, they're the cheapest. A pack of three costs as much as one of the swaddle blankets. Two, they're the easiest to use because they have velcro. You don't have to do any type of origami style swaddling, you just put your baby in there and match the velcro and even on a wiggly baby it stays nice and snug. Three, we used these mostly during the Summer months and they kept the baby cool throughout the night. We had some trouble with eczema on her cheeks when she was very because she always slept so hot, but these swaddles were the perfect combination of keeping her warm and cool at the same time. 

I did purchase these swaddles from Fawn and Sage before she was born because I thought they were just about the most beautiful things in the world, and they are. But she was so tiny when she was first born that her little face kept getting covered up by the cocoon type swaddle, and by the time she was big enough for it she realized she could wiggle her little arms right out. They are definitely the prettiest swaddles we purchased, but they didn't work quite as well for us as I wish they would have. 

Eventually she grew too long for her SwaddleMe swaddles, and I thought about giving up on the sleep aids all together because she is such a good sleeper as is during the night. However, it's nap times that seem to be our problem. This girl would skip her naps all day long if we let her. But as we've realized (although she still hasn't) that doesn't do any good for any of us. 

Now that she can flip herself over, we've moved onto something that doesn't keep her arms to her side. We're currently using the Merlins Magic Sleepsuit and some days I think there may be actual magic in it. She can start fussing and when I put her in the sleep suit she calms down immediately. It is weighted enough that it keeps her from rolling over, but it's also made with a breathable material so I don't worry at all about her overheating. 

She's pretty close to growing out of the sleep suit and I haven't decided if we're going to try any others (I'm thinking probably not) but these have all worked pretty well for us over the last 6 months or so. If you're on the fence about any of these or have any questions, let me know!

Did you use any swaddles or sleep sacks? Which were your favorites? 


  1. We didn't use either. E never liked being swaddled and sleep sacks always made her so warm.

    1. So interesting! Every baby is so different.


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