Sorry, I'm too Busy.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

"Sorry, I'm too busy." How often do you say this in some form or another? I've become more aware recently that in today's world we are so quick to glorify being busy. If you're one of those people who is just insanely busy doing all of the things you absolutely love in life, than I'm not talking about you, keep doing your thing. I'm talking about the people like many of the patients that come into the doctors office that I work in. The ones that when I go to reschedule them usually offer up some kind of, "ugh, my week is just so packed" like they're complaining, but also like they're showing some sort of badge of honor by being so busy that they cant possibly fit in time to take care of themselves.

People are busy with work, and with school, with side hustles and with relationships kept together by the thin string that is technology. In our house we are so guilty of doing exactly what I'm talking about. Just yesterday someone asked me if I would be attending an event that another family member was hosting, not a party or anything, but just a walk to support a good cause. And when I told Daniel about it (before I even told him the date) he said, "were probably too busy to fit that in" and that's exactly what I was thinking before he beat me to it.

The truth is though, we're not too busy. Do I have things that take up my time? Absolutely. I have a baby who needs constant attention, I have a job, I have a husband and I have my family. I take photographs in my spare time and I try to keep my apartment clean, I also read and I write. But aside from spending time with the people that I love, the rest of this list is so fluid. They're so much less important in the grand scheme of things and rather than glorifying the fact that I'm so busy with this and that, I feel the need now more than ever to prioritize and make time for the things that actually matter.

I just started the book Present Over Perfect and although I don't consider myself a religious person (and she writes from her perspective of someone who sought God) it's been eye opening for me so far.

I don't want to be the kind of person who when invited somewhere, automatically announces that I'm too busy like it's something to be proud of. When I look back later at my life I want it to be filled with memories of making the most out of my time by spending it with the people I love the most, doing the things that I love the most. I want to be completely present for the things that may not seem important in the moment, but actually may be some of the most important of all.

Simplify your life, stop glorifying being busy and stop making excuses for the time when you don't have anything planned. Soak up all the special moments and be present for those times that will mean the most to you when you think back on your life one day.

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  1. I definitely agree that it's important to enjoy the moments. I've had to scale back just to enjoy the little things.


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