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Tuesday, August 08, 2017

As first time parents we have inevitably purchased things that we have absolutely loved having for Kensington and things that we thought we would love and didn't use, or totally hated. 

It's all trial and error, especially in these first few months, but one of the things that really influenced my registry and my purchases before the baby got here was reading about other people's experiences with some of the more popular items.

We're three months into this parenting thing now and I'd like to think we've got a pretty good handle on the things that have, and haven't, worked for us so far. 

What works today might not work tomorrow and we're on a constant learning curve, but I thought I'd share a few of the things we would definitely buy again for our next child, and some things that we wouldn't. 


DockATot - We used this for a means of co-sleeping in the first couple of weeks rather then using a bassinet outside of our bed. I love the DockATot because it's small enough to go anywhere with us (and it has) and it was so easy to transition her in the dock from our bed into her own crib. I'm just sad that she's getting too long for it at just three months and I wish that the Deluxe size could be used for a bit longer at the price we paid for it. 

Swaddleme Original Swaddles - I bought a TON of swaddle blankets (all different brands) for Kenz before she arrived. I used them for approximately two weeks or so before I switched to these Swaddleme velcro swaddles. These were 1000 more convenient and cheaper than pretty much all other swaddle options out there.

Infantino Pond Pals Play Mat - Kensington spends at least an hour on her play mat throughout the day. With all the colors and shapes she constantly has stuff to look at and she has the best time. I suggest buying the deluxe option with the music!

The First Years Newborn to Toddler Tub - In my opinion this is the perfect choice for an infant bathtub (and we tested a few). This can fit in a double sink or bathtub, has a mesh hammock for newborns to be laid down into but can also be removed to double as a toddler tub. Plus it's only $12, win.

Owlet Baby Monitor - I mean it when I say that if I had 1000 kids I would one of these every single time. No, I am not being sponsored by Owlet to tell you this, but this product has given me so much peace of mind every single night since Kenzie was born and I am seriously obsessed with the way this works. The only downfall I see is the price, BUT they do offer a monthly payment plan (which we used) and it was so easy and worth every cent.

Baby Briefcase - We received this as a baby shower gift and it has been awesome. Such an easy way to keep track of all of Kenzie's most important documents, I'd definitely recommend buying.

Vtech Audio Monitor - Between this and our Owlet I never have to worry about leaving Kenzie in her crib to sleep. The sound on this thing is amazing.


4moms Bounceroo - I was really disappointed in this product. At almost $100 dollars I expected more than just a vibrating seat. We could have easily purchased the same thing for $25 dollars from another company.

Puj Tub - I have mixed feelings about this baby tub. My biggest complaint is that Kenzie was so small in the beginning and trying to keep her upright and still clean all of her was difficult and really could only be done if there were two of us to help.

Ergo Baby Carrier - We have NOT mastered the art of the Ergo baby carrier. I don't think I could put it on if I tried. I'm also very small and it just seems so heavy and big when I try to use it. I very much prefer our Solly Baby Wrap over the Ergo.

Homedics Sound Machine - We may get more use out of this as she gets older but for now the fan in her room on the sleep setting has been the perfect amount of white noise.

Wipe Warmer - I love the idea of this and am seriously considering using it to hold face wipes for me, but we had to stop using it for the baby wipes because every time, without fail, Kenzie would pee on her changing table if the wipe was warm. Don't ask me what thats about, its just the way it worked.

Let me know what you think of this list! Do you agree or disagree with my thoughts on these products? What were some of your favorites in the early baby months? 

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  1. I agree with the wipe warmer, it really was such a waste of money. I likely wouldn't recommend it to anyone.


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