My Life Is...

Tuesday, August 01, 2017

My life is... waiting for calls and texts from a husband (often) sent away for his job.

My life is... watching the same shows on Netflix over and over again. Not because there isn't anything better out there to watch, but just because I really love the ones I've already seen. Friends reruns, I'm talking to you. 

My life is... finally finishing my coffee after re-heating it three times before noon.

My life is... long walks around Target when I don't need to buy anything but just want to feel happy. inside.

My life is... extra snuggles at night from a baby who doesn't like to take naps during the day.

My life is... waiting for summer to end so it can finally be Fall and I can wear all the layers.

My life is... spending entirely too much money on baby clothes that I know Kenzie will probably only wear once or twice ever.

My life is... sitting in LA traffic for two hours to get to a place that should be 25 minutes away.

My life is... getting to read lots of books before they come out because my parents have a really cool job.

My life is... late night snacking because I either (a) didn't find time for an actual dinner after work or (b) needed to satisfy my sweet tooth before I went to bed.

Tell me some things that make up your life.  

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  1. Yes to walking around Target!!! It really is relaxing.


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