Making the Most of the (End) of Your Summer

Friday, August 04, 2017

I am not, and have never been, a huge fan of Summer. Honestly we could just skip the whole thing and I'd be perfectly content.

I'm sure this partially has to do with the fact that California doesn't experience Winter in the same way that other states do, so when I say I'm alright with skipping Summer that pretty much just leaves us with slightly less warm days and a little rain here and there. And that I could go for year around.

Every time that August hits I've really reached my peak of Summer time enjoyment and I am so ready to ring in all the Fall things that lead us into the end of the year aka the best time to be alive.

So, since we're heading on our way out of Summer (at least in my eyes) I thought I'd share some things that you can do to make the most out of what's left of yours.

Make s'mores. Make them in your kitchen if you don't have access to a bonfire. Or, buy all the supplies for s'mores and eat them all individually.

Go to a drive-in. Does your city still show movies at the drive-in? Ours doesn't exactly, but we do have movies in the park and it's kind of the same thing. Bring a blanket and hit the dollar store for all of your favorite movie snacks.

Take a road trip. With your friends, with your significant other, with your kids, it doesn't matter. Just get out there and see something new.

Volunteer. Tons of people volunteer during the holiday's because everyone wants to help out during that special time of year (and that's great) but volunteers are in high demand around this time of year, so ask around and see where your help is needed.

Garden. Or just buy a cute little window plant for your bedroom.

Spend a day at the beach (or pool or just on your porch) reading a book. The library is just full of great options.

Try a new flavor tea. I recommend the pineapple black tea from Starbucks. Yum.

Paint your nails bright colors. Save the darker colors for October or November.

Buy all of the bikini's while you can get them on sale. Put them away unworn until next year so you'll have fun swimsuit options that you forgot about.

Go wine tasting or check out a new brewery. There's not much higher on my list of things I love then ice cold rosé on a hot summer night.

Start planning a trip for next Summer. Save up and make it happen.

How will you make the most of the end of your Summer?

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  1. I'm the same when it comes to summer I am pretty much indifferent. However, give me everything fall!!!


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