Kensington Grace (Weeks 9 & 10)

Monday, July 17, 2017

1// You are seriously the most chill baby. You let me dress you up and take all the pictures and when you get tired you just lay your head down wherever you can find a spot for it. 

2// Your dad left for military training yesterday so we spent Saturday having a baby-daddy photo shoot. I love that you look right at me now when I take pictures of you. 

3// Not convinced that pooh bear is your friend. 

4// Another from your daddy-daughter shoot (Check out my new photography page here for more like this). 

5// The most perfect heart shaped little lips. 

6// Happy in your new Harry Potter onesie that we bought at Universal City Walk. It's a few months too big but it was the only outfit choice we had left after you threw up all over a restaurant after your bottle. 

7// Mama's pretty girl. 

8// You have been all smiles lately (close to a giggle) and it just absolutely melts my heart. I'd do just about anything to see you smile all day long.  

9// You go from smiling to the most serious little concerned baby face in the world. I don't think you're too far from your zoolander look and the obvious start of your modeling career. 

We love our little two and a half month old bug to the moon and back. Stop growing, kid! But also please keep growing so you can play with me forever.

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  1. My daughter has that same Snow White outfit! My sister bought it for her at Disneyland. :)


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