Kensington Grace (Weeks 7 & 8)

Tuesday, July 04, 2017

And just like that I made the mistake of blinking and suddenly we've got a two month old little squish.

At two months: 

Kensington loves: being read to and watching television (really anything that gives her something bright to look at), eating all the time, sleeping in, laying on her play mat, and being pushed in her stroller until she falls asleep.

Kensington hates: being put down anywhere when she's tired, doing the same thing for too long, baths (although that is getting better), having her clothes changed, being even a little bit cold (hence the problem with the baths).

Weeks 7 & 8 in pictures: 

1// Give me all the baby snuggles and baby graphic onesies. 

2// You love when we read you books as long as you can look at the pictures. 

3// This is what I like to call your "evil minion face" usually you make it when you've got some bad gas, but it makes me laugh every single time. 

4// You are loving your play mat lately and can just sit there and look around forever. 

5// I just adore you in denim, and bows. They're even better together. 

6// I was trying so hard to get a picture of us together with my new tripod and you were just not having it. I've got to pick my moments better. 

7// Mirror selfies because mom got a new haircut and you were looking as cute as ever. 

8// You LOVE laying on your changing table. I don't know what it is, but we always get the best smiles out of you when we're changing your diaper. 

9// Your dad makes you the happiest and your little smirk in this picture is the cutest thing. 

You are our sunshine, sweet girl. Happy two months!

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