Kensington Grace (Weeks 11 &12)

Monday, July 31, 2017

1// All the heart eyes for your first swim suit with the ice cream cones on it. 

2// Sleepy smiles right when you wake up are the worlds greatest, ever. 

3// I asked you to smile for your day and you were more than happy to do so. 

4// No to pool days. No to sunshine. No, no, no. Summer is just not your thing. 

5// In LOVE with you in yellow and bows and lace. Just give me all the girly things. 

6// Solly baby wraps make our walks to the mailbox 1000 times more convenient. Also, they work pretty great for baby and mom dance parties. 

7// Couldn't tell if you were whistling or blowing kisses, or both. But your lips are in the most perfect round shape. 

8// You're strong enough to sit up on my lap to look at the pictures in your books and you absolutely love it. 

9// The play mat is still your happy place. You could lay on it and talk to the fish and turtle attachments. 

At three months: 

You: Smile big whenever anyone talks to you, love being danced around and sang to (the happy day playlist on Spotify is your fave), still skeptical about getting kisses, love making bubbles with your mouth, just started holding your rattle (and licking it like an ice cream cone).

Me: Trying to slow time down and realizing how quickly this growing up stuff goes by, cherishing all of the sweet sweet baby cuddles, getting better at getting things done quietly while you're napping, becoming a pro at getting out of the house more quickly and with less unnecessary stuff.

You are our whole world, darling girl!

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  1. It really is amazing how fast the time goes by. I look at E and I think "oh my goodness, weren't you just born?!" Your girl is absolutely adorable.


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