Today is Baby Day

Thursday, May 04, 2017

To our littlest love,

Today your dad and I welcome you into the world with open arms. After nine months of anticipation, wondering and planning it's finally time for you to make your debut and I can only imagine that you will far surpass any amount of perfect that we've already imagined you will be.

We've spent the last nine months planning for your arrival. Your baby clothes are hung, your bedroom is ready for you (although I can't ever imagine you sleeping anywhere far away from me) and both physically and emotionally we couldn't be more ready to meet you.

We've dreamt about what you'll look like, who's eyes you'll have and what color. Whether you'll have my ears, or your dad's nose. Speaking of your dad, I'm much more nervous about your arrival than he is, although he's had much less experience with babies. The two of us know we have a lot to learn but we hope you'll be patient with us while we figure it out along the way.

For you, I hope that you'll enter this world in wonderment. That you'll dream big, fight for the things you believe in and never stop searching for the thing that makes you most happy in life. When you find that thing, whatever it may be, I hope you'll hold on to it. I haven't met you yet, not officially, but I think for me that thing is you.

I hope you always dance when you're given the chance and knowing your dad I know he'll give you that chance as often as possible. I hope you'll meet new people, try things and never be afraid to experience life.

You're entering the world into a family that loves you beyond your wildest beliefs. Upon finding out about you, you quickly became the family favorite and I know that theres nothing you could ever do that could change that in the eyes of anyone waiting here for you. You've got aunt's, uncles, grandparents, even great grandparents who are anticipating meeting you.

You are so, so loved little girl.

I hope you're kind and thoughtful. I hope you're curious and that you strive to learn new things. I hope you're a reader (and coming from our family, I'm not sure how you couldn't be). I want your imagination to run free. I want you to feel confident in everything that you do, and I want you to take every opportunity that life offers you.

You are so special, I knew it the first time I felt your little flutter inside my belly. I hope that you'll give me the chance to be the best mom for you and that you'll forgive me as we go through the inevitable trial and errors of a mom and daughter kind of love.

No matter what I hope you never forget that as soon as I found out about you, you became the most important thing in my entire life and I love you more than all the stars in the sky.

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine.


Your mom

Last night at 8pm Daniel and I checked into the hospital for an elective induction to welcome our sweet baby girl. By the time any of you are reading this we are either still waiting for her to arrive, or just welcoming her into the world. I can only imagine we are exhausted, overwhelmed with emotion and so, so in love. I'll check in soon with updates and pictures. Happy baby day to us, and happy Thursday to all of you! 

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  1. This is beautiful! I am so excited for you guys!


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