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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Today marks my 36th week of pregnancy and that is both amazing to me, and a little nerve wracking. 

For the past few weeks I've known that at 36 weeks I would have to start going to the hospital twice a week so they could perform some non-stress tests on the baby to make sure she's getting everything she needs. 

This isn't a huge deal because the reasoning behind it is relatively minor. One side of my body just simply isn't supplying as much blood flow to the baby as it should be, so they just want to monitor everything to make sure it's all going smoothly. 

Between that and my weekly check-up I'll be at doctors appointments three times a week until her arrival, which is a lot. 

My biggest concern for these non-stress tests was what was going to happen if I show up for one and they don't get the results they're hoping for? 

I asked my doctor if that means that technically this week I need to be ready to go to have this baby, and she smiled at me and told me to have my bags packed in the car...just in case

So now I've spent the past two weeks picking things up here and there for my hospital bag because I am not one to be comfortable caught in a just in case situation unprepared. 

Here are some of the things I've picked up so far: 

Knit sleep pants in black - Target 

Nursing cotton cami in white - Target 

Bobby pins - Amazon 

Robe (no longer available but similar here) - Target 

Ouchless hair ties - Target 

Sleep mask - Amazon 

Dry shampoo - Target 

Slippers - Nordstrom (I bought these in a kids size because they're cheaper and still go up high enough for most women to fit into them). 

Tubby Todd mama bundle - Tubby Todd (I got this for Christmas and I couldn't wait to pack it all up in my hospital bag. This stuff smells amazing and feels so good on my skin). 

Travel size hygiene products, toothbrushes, etc. - Target

I'll also have a small bag packed with things like phone chargers, a kindle packed with books, my camera, glasses, important documents and snacks to grab quickly on the day of. I love these ensure chocolate drinks. They just kind of taste like chocolate milk but they're packed with protein so I can still have something that makes me feel full without trying to eat food in between contractions on the day of. 

I'm holding out hope that she'll be content to stay in my belly until her due date. We can't wait to meet her, but I also want her to get as much time in there to grow as possible. 

What were some of your must have items for your hospital bag? Anything I should add to my list? 

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  1. If I could suggest one thing it would be nightgowns over pants. Even though I had a natural delivery, wearing shorts was incredibly uncomfortable.


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