Make Your Life a Happy One.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Last week Daniel and I went to a local farmer's market and bought the prettiest flowers. It was such a small thing at the time but now every morning since, I've gotten up and walked to the living room to be greeted by the brightest orange, pink and purple flowers that I can't help but smile about.

Buying flowers is just one thing on a long list of things that make me happy, and recently I'm choosing to surround myself with as many of those things as I can.

I don't believe that happiness, or a happy life, is handed to you. I think that having a happy life is about making a choice.

A choice that says today, I'm the only person who gets to live my life and I'm going to make it a good one.

Today, I'm going to drink the extra cup of coffee.

Today, I'm going to spend all day curled up reading a book that I've read a hundred times because I love it.

Today, I'm going to do something for myself. Whether that means starting the search for a new job, or cooking my favorite meal, or taking a bubble bath. Because these are all the little things that come together to allow me to make my life the happy place I strive for it to be.

You're the one who gets to live it, so choose today to make your life a happy one.

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  1. I really wish we had a good flower market. They can definitely brighten any situation. :)


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