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Monday, April 10, 2017

I've mentioned my love for The Happy Planner here before and this weekend I noticed a feature in mine that made me love it even more.

As I was flipping through a few of the monthly view pages I noticed the typical holiday's listed but I also noticed a few national days that I wasn't familiar with.

For example, did you know that this coming Wednesday the 12th just also happens to be National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day? Well, neither did I and I have to say that I would have been pretty disappointed if I found this information out after the fact (although I probably still would have celebrated).

So now my dinner, lunch, and dare I say breakfast plans are all set up for Wednesday but seeing as how I almost missed this monumental day I decided to go through the rest of my months and see what else was on there so I could be completely prepared.

And just in case your planner isn't quite as awesome as mine, I figured I would share all of these fun days with you so you have every reason to celebrate as well!

10 - National Sibling Day 
12 - National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day
20 - National High Five Day 

19 - National Pizza Party Day
28 - National Burger Day 

2 - National Doughnut Day 
8 - National Best Friends Day 
21 - (Inter) National Yoga Day

10 - National Pina Colada Day 
16 - National Ice Cream Day 
29 - National Dance Day

3 - National Watermelon Day 
6 - National Sister's Day / National Friendship Day
10 - National Lazy Day 
24 - National Waffle Day
25 - National Banana Split Day 

5 - (Inter) National Charity Day 
10 - Swap Ideas Day
16 - (Inter) National Eat An Apple Day 
29 - National Coffee Day

4 - National Taco Day
14 - National Dessert Day 
28 - National Chocolate Day
30 - National Candy Corn Day 

3 - National Sandwich Day
4 - National Candy Day 
28 - National French Toast Day 

4 - National Cookie Day 
7 - National Cotton Candy Day
12 - National Ginger Bread House Day
15 - National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day

Now if those aren't great reasons to celebrate, then I don't know what is. Happy Monday / National Siblings Day, all. 

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