Debt Tracker: First Check-In

Friday, April 07, 2017

To say we're on a learning curve in this whole debt elimination thing would be an understatement. We haven't been the best at budgeting in the past and so as we head into each month we're learning where our money goes and what we've really been spending it all on.

If you saw this post, then you know that we're trying to attack our debt in the most aggressive way possible. But as to be expected, things come up.

For example, I just had my baby shower and there were some things that I chose (before we made any serious budgeting decisions) to purchase specifically for the party. There were also a few things that we had to purchase after the shower to adjust what we did and didn't receive from off of our registry.

We also had a few slip-ups that we really have no excuse for, like spending some money here and there on eating out (although far less then we've spent in the past), the occasional stop for coffee at Starbucks (no self control), and a couple of date nights we splurged on like seeing Beauty and the Beast in theaters.

In general, we did make a huge amount of progress as far as keeping ourselves from going overboard, but there's absolutely room for improvement.

Every little bit helps, after all.

Overall in the month of March we managed to pay off $984.18 of our debt.

I see this as a relatively slow start compared to what we want to eventually want to have paid off, but it was still a good one. This amount is completely separate from all of our normal bills (rent, utilities, etc.) so it was a good jumping off point for us.

This month we're hoping to pay off another $1000 at least, although with some planning and careful spending we should have no problem surpassing that.

Our goal is to have our smallest credit card completely paid off by the end of the month, and we're headed in the right direction towards being able to do that.

It's been incredibly eye opening to see where a lot of our money goes, I'm looking at you Target, and as we continue to get more familiar with our spending habits it will hopefully be easier for us to make conscious decisions to save, instead of spend.

This is a big month for us in regards to getting some things paid off because next month I'll be off work for a little while once the baby comes. I'll check back in soon with another update!

Do you have any tips for getting some debt paid off more quickly? 


  1. That is awesome that you have paid off so much so far! :) I have automatic payments that go towards credit cards every month and that helps keep me on track.

  2. Good for you for working so hard on paying off debts and on tracking everything! I really need to track my expenses better and this is definitely inspiring! Have a wonderful week xx

    Sending light & love your way,
    My Lovelier Days


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