A Birthday Shoutout & Gift Ideas You Haven't Thought of Yet.

Friday, April 28, 2017

Today is Daniels 25th birthday. 

A monumental birthday, as it marks a quarter-century for my sweet husband. The first weekend we ever spent any time together was on the weekend of his 20th birthday. Since then his birthday has always unluckily fallen during a time when one or both of us was gone, usually due to some kind of military training or the fact that we were long distance for awhile, so this year I wanted to wish him all the birthday love and do my best to make today as special as possible. 

Daniel is one of those guys that is hard to shop for. There are plenty of things I could get for him, but I was having trouble coming up with anything that seemed special enough, especially on a year that I think he deserves a little extra birthday love before the baby arrives. He also never really asks for anything which makes it even more tough, but when I do hear him mention something he sort of wants I always try and keep it in the back of my mind. 

This year I decided to try and think outside the box a little bit. Rather than getting him something to have, I decided to try and find something for him that he could do. He's an active guy and he likes trying new things so in the past I've done things like sign us up to go skydiving (and immediately regretted it upon our arrival). I've also gone the less terrifying easier route and gotten him some of his favorite accessories like the Jord Wood Watch I got for him last year. 

For his gift this year I did a couple of different things. I got us tickets to go see Cedric the Entertainer at a new comedy club that opened up near our house for tomorrow night. I'm only slightly concerned that I'll laugh so hard that I go into labor, but that would be a story for another blog post. 

He also found a local indoor rock climbing gym that he and a friend have been going to a couple times a week, so as another gift we purchased him a climbing package that he can use as little or as often as he'd like. 

In my search for gift ideas I came across things like a local brewery tour on Groupon that would have made a great gift (if I were able to go drink with him) and a bunch of other local things like festivals in the area that I think he would have loved to check out. If your man is more of a wine drinker, there's usually great deals on winery tours on Groupon as well if you have any in your area. Or you could try something like this Weekly Tasting which isn't a monthly subscription but would make a really fun celebration with friends if you're planning on making the birthday more of a party. 

In the past I've also purchased subscription boxes like this Sprezza Box which is a fun gift, and one that Daniel decided to continue past the one month that I bought for him. Each month it came with things like mens ties, socks, wallets, etc. and each box was themed depending on the month or time of year. 

As stressful as gift shopping can be for the guy in your life there are so many unique things that are out now that you can really find something for anyone. 

Happiest 25th birthday to my best friend. 

Do you have any out of the ordinary gift ideas you would suggest? 


  1. Guys are so hard to buy for! My husband keeps an Amazon wish list so that helps me out a lot. But, we both prefer gifting and getting experience gifts!

    1. Having an Amazon list is so smart, I wish my husband would do something like that. But I agree, experience gifts are so much fun, especially if it's something you can do together.

  2. I hope he has a wonderful birthday!!! Guys really are the worst to shop for, my husband's birthday is next week and I made him pick out his gift so I could buy it haha.

    1. I wish my husband would just tell me what he wanted it I asked him to pick it out but he's the most stubborn! At least he makes me get a little creative from time to time :)


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