Things I'm Saying Yes to This Week.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

I'm saying yes to getting out of my comfort zone. This weekend we're having my baby shower which means that 25 people (that I love) will be coming to our house and all the attention will be on me and this baby belly. As excited as I am, I'm also incredibly nervous and not generally a fan of anything that directly revolves around me, so I'll definitely be out of my comfort zone.

I'm saying yes to being prepared. I'm usually an over-preparer and this week hasn't been any different for me. Yesterday I took my car to a place where they helped me install our carseat base,  and I bought everything that I'm going to need for my hospital bag. We're getting closer and I'm getting ready.

I'm saying yes to knowing when to say no. This weekend I did so many crafts for the shower (generally involving lifting things I shouldn't have been lifting, and bending in ways I shouldn't have been bending) and I immediately regretted it on Monday morning when I woke up and realized that at least for now, I have to slow things down, which means saying no when I know that I'm pushing my body past it's comfort point.

I'm saying yes to mid-week celebrations. This week we celebrated our four year wedding anniversary. And by celebrated I mean that Daniel had work, and then school, and then work again and I bought him his favorite snack foods and a Mickey Mouse t-shirt and we ate lunch together and it was a perfectly small but wonderful mid-week celebration of our love for each other.

I'm saying yes to accepting my body. Yesterday I put on the dress that I was going to wear for my shower (a really pretty, red dress) and instead of looking like I remembered, I looked a little closer to my own version of the koolaid man. So after a minor total breakdown, I reminded myself of all of the amazing things my body is doing right now and decided that I'm going to work harder on saying yes to feeling comfortable in my own skin.

I'm saying yes to being happy. Because if you look at all these other things: getting out of my comfort zone, being prepared, saying no (when it's necessary), celebrating the little things and accepting my body, than it's pretty clear that there's so much to be happy about.

What are you saying yes to this week? 

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  1. These are awesome especially the last one. It's so important to be happy.


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