Pre-Baby Adventures You Need to Have

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Recently I've been considering how much our lives are going to change after the baby gets here. Not in any bad way, but down to the smallest details I've been noticing the little things that just probably won't be the same once she arrives.

Like last night for example, I woke up and didn't know what time it was. So in the middle of the night I made the decision that I needed to buy a new clock that I could put somewhere in view for those middle of the night baby wake up calls.

Obviously, I know that adding a new clock to our bedroom is on the list of very minor things that will be different about our lives in the grand scheme of bringing home a baby (by the way, how fun is this vintage clock?). But, such a small thing got me thinking about some of the bigger things.

One thing that I know will stay the same is our love of adventure. We like taking day trips, and exploring new things. We live in Los Angeles and it's a city that is just bursting with things to do if you know where to look for them. By bringing a little baby along with us I know we're going to be able to appreciate some of these things as if we're seeing them for the first time, because she will be.

There are a few adventures, though, that are more suited for before she makes her way into our lives. Although I am eight and a half months pregnant at this point, so you may notice that some of these are a little smaller-scale, I plan to try and check off as many of them as possible before her arrival.

Spend an entire afternoon at the library. Library's are notoriously non-baby friendly. But if you're anything like me, spending an afternoon curled up in one of the library chairs with a pile full of books is an adventure in it's own. So before your baby arrives, take a day and get lost in what will probably be some of the best adventures of your life. 

Take a trip to your favorite amusement park. This is totally something you can still do once your baby arrives. But, you may be more limited in the activities you can do once you're there. Daniel and I swear by Disneyland as the greatest amusement park on earth, but if you're more of a Universal Studios or Six Flags type of person then spend your day there filling up on over-priced foods and riding anything that you can still fit your baby bump on. 

Go on a road trip. At this point my range of travel is just about two hours before I'm too uncomfortable to sit in the car, or before Daniel is too sick of me asking him to stop for more snacks or let me pee just one more time (tmi?). Lucky for us, we live in a place where two hours can get you to the beach, or the mountains, or into the city. If you're able to make a trip a little further, than I say go for it. Get lost in a new place, listen to music you love and lost track of time and schedules. I promise you won't regret it. 

Try a few (fancy) recipes. Chances are when baby arrives it's going to be more a matter of what can you cook quickly and shovel into your mouth in between nap time, and less focused on what you can make that actually tastes good. For us, cooking has always been an adventure. We love trying out new recipes and making food that we've never made before. This weekend we pulled a recipe from my favorite cookbook of all time for scallops, warm corn salad, and coconut rice. I've never made scallops before and we were lucky enough to find them on sale at Sprouts. The whole meal was so easy to make, and tasted amazing. Pick a few recipes you would never usually make, and turn cooking into an adventure. 

Celebrate your favorite holiday (no matter what time of year it is). Holiday's with our little girl are one of the things that I just about die over whenever I think about how wonderful they're going to be. But if you have certain holiday traditions that won't necessarily suit having a baby around for them, then who says you can't celebrate it at a different time of year? If you love Halloween, than buy a few bags of candy in July and watch your favorite Halloween movies. Christmas calling your name? String up a few lights, light one of your favorite Christmas candles from bath and body works (I know you've still got them around somewhere), play your favorite Christmas playlist and bake some cookies! You'll probably have just about as much fun as you will when the holiday actually arrives. 

What other adventures do I need to have before we welcome our littlest love? 

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  1. This is awesome!!! Honestly, we didn't go on any adventures prior to our daughter being born we actually waited for her to be born so we could include. Let me tell you adventures are much more fun with a little one. :)


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