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Friday, March 10, 2017

Finding maternity clothes that fit me/that I actually want to wear has been one of the bigger challenges for me so far throughout this pregnancy. 

For the most part, the weight that I've put on so far has generally stayed around my belly, which is great in some aspects and not so great in others. It's proving relatively difficult to find clothes that fit around my arms and legs (which haven't put on much weight) and my stomach (which definitely has) all at the same time. 

I spent an hour in the fitting room at Nordstrom last weekend searching for a dress for my baby shower. After what felt like 27 different options, I still didn't leave with anything except a little discouragement. I know this isn't forever, and I know what my body is going through is something truly amazing. But I can't get around needing to find clothes that fit.

Luckily, it's getting warmer and I've been able to track down a few good options for places that sell flowy dresses which is exactly the type of thing I want to be wearing. 

If you're looking for a few options for maternity wear, here are some of my suggestions.

Target. Obviously Target is not a maternity store but I think we can all agree that when we really need something we can always count on the fact that we can probably find it there. I practically lived in these leggings for the first 4-5 months of being pregnant. I loved the belly support and although I can't fit into the size I bought originally anymore, I plan to head over and get a few more pair asap.

ASOS. Prior to getting pregnant I had never shopped ASOS before. I've loved my entire shopping experience with ASOS because they have a free return policy. It's difficult when your body is changing so rapidly and you aren't able to try something on, but they always shipped items quickly and if I didn't like them I just put them right back in the mail. One of my favorite dresses was this one I bought it in two colors and I love that I'll still be able to comfortably wear it after Kensington arrives. They also have tons of cute, and cheap, maternity tops and pants.

Piper & Scoot. Also not technically a maternity shop. However, most of their dresses can easily be turned into maternity wear because of the stretchy material. I recently purchased this dress and there is little stopping me from wearing it every single day. Their clothes are so comfortable and soft and are perfect for someone who is pregnant, or not!

Amazon. Another non-maternity shop, I've started using amazon to purchase things like nursing bra's and tank tops. You can't really beat $27 dollars for three nursing bras, even if they only last you a short time.

Destination Maternity. I've gone back and forth with this one. Some of the tops I purchased here have been great, others I haven't loved as much. One thing that I absolutely did love from here were the jeans. Although a little bit on the pricier side, these jeans grow with you as your bump does so they are perfect for anytime during your pregnancy. I gave in and bought two pair after it seemed like I was buying (and squeezing myself into) a new size of non-maternity jeans every week. I suggest getting these early on in your pregnancy and just wearing them throughout. You won't regret it.

H&M. This has been my go-to store for maternity wear for work. They have some really cute button-down tops that are also belly friendly. I also love their selection of basics.

Where are some of your favorite places to shop for maternity wear? 



  1. I absolutely hated maternity clothes. Luckily I was pregnant in the fall and winter so I got a few pairs of super comfy maternity leggings from Destination Maternity, some pants from Old Navy, and a few tops from Target, and paired them with cardigans and tunics I already had 90% of the time. I did get a few pieces from Pink Blush online that were my favorites. My biggest hope is when baby number two comes along, I can be pregnant at the same time of year because I dread the thought of ever maternity clothes shopping again!


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