Bumpdate: Week 34

Friday, March 31, 2017

How far along? 34 weeks, 2 days.

Weight gain? 35 pounds and counting.

Maternity clothes? Yes, the stretchier the better.

Sleep? This past week the pregnancy insomnia has kicked in full force, and if I wake up in the middle of the night I have the worst time getting back to sleep. This is unfortunate considering I need to pee at least twice during the night, so I think I'm spending more time awake than asleep at this point.

Best moment this week? Finishing up all the final preparations for the baby shower (which is tomorrow!) I'm excited for it, and also a little bit ready for it to be over with.

Weird pregnancy moment? On Wednesday, the baby kicked a nerve and suddenly a quarter of my stomach felt like I was getting electric shocked. It was WEIRD. And it felt slightly numbed for a solid five minutes afterwards. I'm hoping it doesn't get worse as she keeps getting bigger. Also, hearing that someone I know who was only a week further along than me just had her baby a couple of days ago. Nothing like hearing that to send you into instant panic mode.

Food cravings? All the food. I'm still not having any specific cravings, but I'm just hungry all the time. I actually had a patient at work tell me how "cute" it is that I'm always shoving food into my face now every time she sees me. Thanks? I think...

Movement? Yes! All the time and I'm loving it.

Gender? A sweet, little girl.

What I'm looking forward to? Seeing all my sweet friends and family at the shower this weekend, and of course that we're getting closer to our due date by the minute.

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  1. I loved any type of clothing that stretched haha!


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