Small Happy Things

Friday, February 10, 2017

The weathers been cold and rainy. There's dishes piled up in the sink, and laundry on the floor. I've got a to-do list a mile long and bills to pay. On top of that I'm carrying a two-pound baby on my five-foot-nothing frame which is giving me whatever normal body pains you would expect might come along with that (including having a rib come loose recently, which is very NOT fun).

Such is life.

Yet despite everything, I've never been happier.

This morning I woke up thinking about the smallest things. Little, tiny reminders of everything I'm so lucky to have to be happy about.

It's amazing what can happen when you take the time to write down these reminders for yourself. Especially if you're having a hard time or you're feeling unsure. Writing down the small happy things in your life helps to put into perspective the good. It makes them real and it encourages you to keep them in your mind, to remember them when you need them the most.

Here are a few of my small happy things this week.

Girl Scout cookie season. Because, duh. Give me all the thin mints.

Days off in the middle of the week. I had Tuesday off and even though it's made me question what day it is every other day this week, it was so nice to get an extra day to just lounge around.

Being almost complete with our nursery. Hands down my favorite room in our apartment.

New shows on Netflix. Netflix has been killing the game lately with new shows. This week we started The Magicians and The Killing (a Netflix original) and I've pretty much gotten nothing else done since.

Trader Joe's. I am so happy for Trader Joe's on weekends like the one I've got coming up. Daniel will be gone for his monthly National Guard weekend which pretty much means that I lose any and all motivation to cook actual meals for myself. Unfortunately for me, this little baby inside just won't accept that. Cue Trader Joe's and all of their ready made and delicious meals (and desserts, give me all the TJ desserts).

Teeny tiny baby wiggles. This baby moves SO MUCH! I love that she reacts to things like Daniel talking to her, and my mom kissing on my belly. She bumps around in there like she's training for the olympic gymnastics team and I wonder what's going on in there.

Having my parents live five minutes away from me. I am happy about this for so many reasons that I can't even begin to explain.

And so much more. What's been making you happy?


  1. I am SO excited for girl scout cookie season! And seriously Netflix has been killing it lately! I am hooked on The Santa Clara Diet. Drew Barrymoore is awesome in it!

  2. Oh I am so excited for girl scout cookie season! :)


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