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Monday, February 20, 2017

I'm a planner at heart. I love the idea of grand adventures because I enjoy the planning as much as the adventure itself. There's not much I like better then creating the perfect Pinterest board, mapping out the things I absolutely must do, and buying outfits for each such occasion. 

I dream of grand adventures in far away places and everything that comes along with them. 

However, lately my Pinterest boards have taken on a whole new look as have my ideas of adventure. We're getting closer to meeting our little tiny human every day and I'm getting slightly more tired, and a whole lot more forgetful, which pretty much throws my planning heart all out of whack. 

I still take the time to dream about big adventures, but I'm also learning to embrace the smaller ones. 

And I'm talking, the really small ones. 

Like the adventures of my weekly trips to Target. I mean, have you even met the dollar section? 

I mean the kind of adventures that involve things like wandering through used bookstores to buy baby books, and of course a few for myself. 

The types of adventures like the ones Daniel and I have together when we try to assemble baby furniture from Ikea. 

These adventures that seem like such small, insignificant things but are actually the most grand of all. Because they're the ones that I'll look back on and remember the most. 

Last night I told Daniel that from here on out I feel like our life will fly by. I heard that's what happens when you have children, you watch them grow and suddenly before you know it so much time has passed that they're off creating their own lives. 

So I may look back on a big adventure with fond memories, and I'm sure I've got many more to come in this lifetime. 

But it's the small adventures that I've taken the time to make grand in their own way that will actually have the most impact on my life, because those are the ones that make up our day-to-day, and ultimately our lives. 

So I'm here to remind you to make this Monday a grand adventure, in whatever capacity that may mean to you.

Happy Monday, friends. 

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  1. I truly believe that the small adventures mean the most! :)


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