Bumpdate: Week 28

Friday, February 17, 2017

Hello, third trimester.

How far along? 28 weeks, 2 days. Weight gain? Right around 25 pounds, and I still can't believe it. Maternity clothes? Definitely! I can't wait till California stops pretending that we have winter here so I can just wear dresses every day. Sleep? This is getting a little more difficult. Only because sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night to turn over and there's so much extra weight on my belly that it actually feels uncomfortable to turn. Best moment this week? Getting the baby shower invitations in the mail! They are the sweetest. Also getting the last few big items for the nursery.  Weird pregnancy moment? Just a lot more people giving me their two cents about this baby. I actually had a guy tell me this week that it's a good thing this is my first child, because thats really where my body is going to give the most. He said my first child will be smarter (IQ wise) than any other kids I may have, Sorry, future other children. Food cravings? I bought the weirdest groceries this week. Not even stuff that's strange for the normal person, just strange for myself. At Trader Joes last week I had to buy queso dip (which I usually do NOT like) and then at another store I had to buy Nesquick, even though I usually don't drink milk. Cravings are weird, guys. Movement? A lot! Yesterday I had dinner with a sweet friend and she was the first person outside of the family to feel her moving around in there. She was so excited. Gender? A sweet baby girl, Kensington Grace. What I'm looking forward to? Just about one month till the shower. And after my doctors appointment on Monday, I'll be starting to go in every two weeks until she gets here! That's going to make her arrival seem super quick.

12 weeks to go! Happy Friday, friends.

P.S. Daniel and I were on an episode of Let's Make a Deal with Wayne Brady. It is finally airing this Monday the 20th! Check it out on CBS!

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  1. You look wonderful!! Time is certainly flying by. :)


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