Bumpdate: Week 26

Thursday, February 02, 2017

How far along? 26 weeks. Weight gain? A little over 20 pounds. Maternity clothes? Yes! Pretty much the only thing that fits me anymore. Sleep? I've been able to fall asleep so easily (and usually pretty early) but I'm also waking up first thing in the morning to a wiggly baby inside me and I can't ever get back to sleep. Best moment this week? Finalizing some details for my baby shower, ordering the last few "big" items for the nursery, and feeling baby have hiccups for the first time! Weird pregnancy moment? Having someone I work with tell me that it's cute that you can tell that I'm actually pregnant now and "not just fat"...her words...not mine. WHAT?! Food cravings? Eggo waffles (chocolate chip) and the other day I HAD to have a piece of carrot cake from a little bakery we were in. I don't even like carrots! Movement? All the time! Especially in the morning if Daniel talks to my belly, she can't stop moving. Gender? A sweet baby girl, Kensington Grace. What I'm looking forward to? Having our baby shower in two months and being just a little over three months away from holding our teeny tiny girl! She is already so spoiled loved by everyone, and I know that love is only going to continue to grow. 

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  1. You look fantastic!!!! It's amazing how weird the cravings are especially for things you normally don't like.


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