The One Where My Life Changed in Mexico

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

A couple of weeks ago I finally found time for a long overdue vacation. I packed my bags a week after Daniel left and I flew first to Florida, and then to Cancun, Mexico.

If you stop by this blog every once in awhile, you may know that I haven't done any kind of vacation recap. I haven't shared any stories about my beach adventures, and all of the amazing food I ate.

I haven't recap'd any of it, and that's because things didn't exactly turn out the way I had planned.

So here's how it went.

On Friday I arrived in Florida to beautiful hot, sunny weather. It gets hot here in California, but nothing compares to that humidity and I was not prepared.

I stayed in Florida until Tuesday. I spent most of my time laying in the pool, eating entirely too much seafood and exploring. We visited St. Augustine and it was the cutest place. 

On Tuesday morning I packed up my bags and headed off to Cancun to meet Daniel's grandparents. They have a timeshare that they use every year and they were so sweet to invite me to come stay with them. 

It was exactly the getaway that I wanted and I couldn't wait to swim in the ocean and drink pretty drinks by the pool. 

And that's exactly what I did for the first day. I ordered myself a daiquiri, brought my kindle down to the water and lounged all day. We ended the night with some karaoke (watching, not participating) and fell asleep to the sounds of the ocean. 

The next day we had plans to go paddle boarding. We slept in, had a big breakfast and packed our bag to head to another resort for the day. 

But something felt different. 

One major red flag for me that morning was that I was supposed to have started my period the day before. Now, to most people that wouldn't seem weird, being just one day late. But my body is annoyingly on time when it comes to that time of the month and so I decided to ask Daniels grandparents if they would mind stopping at a pharmacy on our way to pick up a pregnancy test. 

Again, this may seem weird that I would jump to that conclusion right away. But what you probably don't know is that about a month ago Daniel and I decided that I would stop taking my birth control and we would start trying to have a baby. It was a big and scary and wonderful decision that we happily made together. So especially after that, any sign of not having my period was something that I noticed right away. 

We picked up the pregnancy test and headed to the resort. I figured if anything, I would take it and see a negative result and then continue to enjoy my vacation. 

But almost immediately, the test came back positive. And i'll tell you that even if it's something you're trying for, seeing a plus sign on that pregnancy test is still one of the scariest, most overwhelming things in the entire world. 

So naturally I ran outside, grabbed the first taxi I could find and went back to the pharmacy for another test. Which came back positive again.

Somehow, Daniel had perfect timing and called me right in the middle of my freak out as I was trying not to pass out in a random resort in Mexico. Our call went a little something like this:

Me: "Babe, I'm leaving Mexico. I'm going home."
Him: "Why?"
Me: "Guess. What could be happening right now that would make me leave my vacation?"
Him: "Uhm, I don't there a storm coming?"
Me: "Well...I guess you could say that."

Then there were some tears, and some laughs and some omg we can't believe this is even happening. 

And then I called my mommy. Because if you know anything about me, you know that my mom is my best friend. And doing what any rational person with good news would do, I called her while I was crying like a baby and made her so nervous that something bad happened only to surprise her with the biggest news ever. 

In that moment, since I couldn't be with my husband I needed the next best thing. And, again being completely rational and all there at the time not at all handling things well, I jumped on the next plane out of Mexico and flew home after being stuck in the Cancun airport where there is no wifi for six whole hours. Which felt like slow torture after finding out life altering news while you're in another country. 

I am relatively early along in this pregnancy and part of me was hesitant to share the news here. Because god forbid I put this out into the universe and something bad happens. But I feel like I am about to burst every time I talk to someone. I want to yell, "I'm having a baby!" and then laugh, cry, and tell that person how afraid I am of what it is that is making me so happy. 

And why wouldn't I want baby to have all of the positive thoughts from friends across the world? Our new little love absolutely deserves that. 

I've only known about this big (tiny) news for a short time in what will be a lifetime of big things happening. 

I've never been so thankful, or scared, or happy or overwhelmed by any one adventure that I was about to begin. Although skydiving came pretty close, and sort of felt the same as seeing that plus sign on the pregnancy test. 

I went to Mexico with the intention of coming back rested and refreshed and instead I came back feeling like my life had been totally and completely flipped upside down. 

I'm linking up with Emily because I am beyond grateful for the start of this next wonderful chapter of our lives. 

Baby Peralta, we can't wait to meet you.  


  1. What a crazy time to find out!!! Ahh, congratulations! That's a trip you'll remember for a lifetime, for sure!

  2. Oh my goodness!!!!! What a crazy way to find out but I am so so happy for you!!!! :) You are going to be a wonderful Mom!


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