8 Ways to Show Someone You Love Them

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

After sharing yesterday's post I feel like I can finally get back to some normality around here.

Every time I sat down to write anything over the past few weeks, nothing seemed as important. Nothing seemed as special or as exciting as the news that we would soon be becoming a family of three.

It was like my mind was blocked and until I got to share that, then nothing else could be shared.

But now were back. And I'm feeling so much better. Tired, all the time, but better.

With Daniel gone, especially at a time like this, he has been working overtime to make sure that I feel one hundred percent supported and loved. I can imagine with as far away as he is, this can't be the easiest of tasks. I was talking to a friend the other day who lives with her boyfriend, yet they've hit this point where she doesn't feel the love she felt in the beginning. They've hit a wall, so to speak. And it got me realizing how lucky I am to have someone who, even from a distance, proves he loves me every single day.

I think it's important to show love in all of our relationships. To get past those walls, and to constantly show each other how much we mean to one another, because in a world like today it's never been truer that we just don't know how long we all have here together. It's vital that we don't take one another for granted, and it's so important that we make it known how we feel about a person while we've got the opportunity. We have to show our love, openly and loudly, and not assume that the people in our life know how we feel.

So here's a little list of some things you can do to show the people in your life that you love them.

1. Leave them little notes, or send a quick message to them during the day. Every night before bed, or morning before I wake up, Daniel sends me a text message when he's away. Just so I know that I'm the last and first thing he thinks about when he's starting and ending his day.

2. Surprise them with something. Do they love flowers? Send some, or pick up a couple outside before you come in. Is food the way to their heart? Then cook them a special dinner, or grab them taco bell. Whatever will get the point across.

3. Don't stop putting in the effort. I'm not saying that they need to come home every day to you in full make-up, with the house clean and dinner ready. Hello, this is not the 50's. But every once in awhile, do something a little different, maybe that means painting your nails. Daniel notices every time mine are a different color and I love that.

4. Dance with them. This one I am the most shy about, mostly because Daniel likes me to dance with him in all of the very public places that make me very nervous to do that in. If you're in your living room, or kitchen, just turn on some music and ask them to dance. If anything you'll both giggle your way through the whole thing and it could be the most romantic thing ever.

5. Hold hands. Be proud of the person you're with, be silly with them. Skip around and just be happy that you're together.

6. Compromise. If they unwillingly watched your favorite type of movie last week, then watch their favorite type of movie this week. Suggest activities that you both might actually enjoy, that way one person doesn't feel forced into whatever it is that you're doing. And if that ends up being the case, then just agree to switch it up for the next time.

7. Do something around the house that they usually hate to have to do. For me, that would be the dishes and the laundry. For Daniel, probably the same. Just help out if you've got the extra time that way you guys can spend that time together once they get home.

8. Listen to them without distractions. I'm talking no phones, computers, televisions. Nothing that will hold your attention away from them. Spend at least a little time like this with each other every day, and you will probably learn a lot about them.

What other ways do you try to show love in your life?


  1. Compromise is the big thing for me, it's so important!

  2. A huge yes to doing household chores for them. I know I always appreciate when my husband unloads the dishwasher for me or if he takes the dogs out for their walk. Just doing little things like that to help give me a break means so much.

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