Summer, Summer, Summer Time

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Summer has officially hit southern California and it is here with a vengeance. We went from high 70's
to low 100's in three days and to say we weren't prepared would be an understatement. But it is the end of June so I guess it was bound to come around eventually, we all know we're extremely lucky here to have very few unbearable days weather wise. Unless you're near a beach or a pool it's totally fine if some days you just can't justify leaving the house because it's way too hot out there. Here are some things you can do inside instead.

Start a photo book. I bought a bunch of supplies to start a Project Life photo book this Summer. After getting my polaroid camera I realized how much more I enjoyed having pictures that I could actually put into an album instead of scrolling through the files on my phone. Project Life makes it so easy and fun!

Do a puzzle. I never had enough patience for puzzles but recently my dad has been on a puzzle kick. He bought a bunch of Disney-themed puzzles and I absolutely loved them. I went to Michael's and picked up a Cinderella puzzle that Daniel and I are going to do together.

Make ice cream sandwiches. Bake some cookies and buy your favorite ice cream for some ice cream sandwiches. When we were out recently I had an ice cream sandwich that had sea salt chocolate chunk cookies and vanilla bean ice cream. They were amazing.

If ice cream isn't your thing, try popsicles. Just as delicious and easy, find some recipes on Pinterest for fruit popsicles and you'll be cool in no time.

Have a movie marathon. Check out some of these movies that feel like Summer and cuddle up on the couch with some popcorn.

Plan a day-trip. Search for all the places that you can visit in a day around your city. Plan out sights to see, and restaurants to try for a day when it's cooler out.

DIY something for your wall. Dream catchers are retro and so fun and pretty. The supplies don't cost much and they're an awesome wall decoration.

Read something you've read before, or something new. Sometimes if you're in a bit of a book slump you might need to remind yourself of why you love reading so much. Grab one of your favorite books and spend the day re-reading it.

Have an indoor picnic. Grab some of your favorite fruit and snacks, a picnic blanket and some mini bottles of wine. Set up your picnic in your living room and relax the day away.

Make a Summer playlist. And then dance it out.

Throw a pineapple party like this one. How awesome does that sound?!

Try making different fruit water combinations. Go buy some berries and try combinations like blueberry mint, or strawberry and lemon. See what you like and what you don't!

Clean your house or apartment. This one totally isn't as fun, but you'll feel great about it once you're done.

Make root beer floats. Because why has it been so long since the last time you've had one of those?

Camp out in your living room. Build a fort and everything, buy coloring books, and mini candles to make s'mores. Be ten years old again, it'll be worth it.

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  1. You mentioned root beer floats and now I want one haha! :) These are great summer ideas.


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