Movies That Feel Like Summer

Monday, June 06, 2016

As much as I love all the other seasons, Summer will always hold a special place in my heart. When I think of Summer I think of road trips, pool days, BBQ's, baseball games, popsicles and picnics. We're headed into June and the days are getting hotter and longer and it's hard not to want to embrace everything that comes along with the Summer season. If you're not yet feeling the Summer love, or if you have one of those days where it's too hot to be outside, we all know those are on the way, then turn up the air conditioning, find one of these movies and remind yourself why Summer should be your favorite season, at least until Fall comes back around.  

Dirty Dancing. Patrick Swayze, summer love, dancing, and Patrick Swayze. Did I say that already? Watch this movie, feel all the summer feels. 

Best Quote: "Nobody puts baby in a corner."

The Sandlot. Baseball, adventure, and all the lessons that come along with summer time in a new town.

Best Quote: "You're killing me, Smalls!"

I Know What You Did Last Summer. Scary movies aren't just for Halloween. This is your typical, over the top "scary" movie. Perfect for Summer nights spent inside.

Grease. Sandy and Danny in the musical love story of your life. Sing along if you know the words, how could you not know the words? Watch as they begin in the summer, survive the school year and float away in a flying car at the end. Was I supposed to say spoiler alert?

Best Quote: "Tell me about it, stud."

Field of Dreams. Another feel good baseball movie, because I just can't help myself. 

Best Quote: "If you build it, he will come."

The Parent Trap. If you didn't want to go to summer camp just so you could find your long lost twin sister, than there's something wrong with you. Possibly one of the only Lindsay Lohan movies I ever liked, The Parent Trap will always be a summer time staple. 

Best Quote: "You wanna know the real difference between us?" "Let me see...I know how to fence and you don't? Or, I have class and you don't? Take your pick."

Now and Then. Four girls, endless lessons during the summer of their lives. So much nostalgia. 

Best Quote: "Have you ever been French kissed?" "Are you kidding? I don't want to get pregnant!"

Jaws. Another scary movie. I won't lie, I put this one on the list but I've never watched it all the way through. I live too close to the water and I'd prefer not to think about all the scary creatures underneath. If shark attacks is what you're into, then Jaws is the movie for you. 

What movies remind you of Summer?


  1. Grease is pretty much my all time favorite! :) Love this list.

  2. Such a great list! Grease, The Sandlot, The Parent Trap, and Now and Then are all fantastic!

  3. Yes to Grease and Dirty Dancing! I was OBSESSED with Parent Trap growing up.


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