7 Types of People You Meet in Your Early 20's

Thursday, June 16, 2016

In your early 20's it seems like you meet so many people in so many different stages of life. Not age wise necessarily, but just a ton of people all doing completely different things with their lives. It's like after high school we all just do whatever we can to figure things out for ourselves, and for every single person this means something different.

There's the person who's trying their hardest to stay in college as long as possible. While everyone else seems to be moving onto the next stage of their lives, this person just isn't quite ready to move on. Either they're taking the minimum amount of classes each semester or they've already managed to major in every available option. The jury is still out about this one.

There's the person who get's married early in their 20's and essentially disappears (this one is probably me). If your best friend lived at your house and was perfectly content watching movies and eating snacks with you all day, how willing would you be to leave? 

There's the person who feels the need to post all of their thoughts and feelings on all social media platforms. This usually subjects everyone else to opinions they didn't ask for about things such as, but not limited to, politics, current events, tv spoilers, and restaurant reviews. 

There's the person who somehow seems to do everything right and lands their dream job right out of college. On the outside they're calm cool and collected,  but this person is probably just like you. Doing  everything they can to keep their head above water. 

There's the person who makes you feel old. Why am I working five days a week and settling down when so and so is quitting their job and traveling around Europe and Asia for the next year? Should I be quitting my job and moving to Europe?! I'M TOO OLD FOR THIS, AREN'T I?!

The person who has a baby and that becomes all they know and share (please post all the baby pictures). This person has wanted to be a parent their entire life, or maybe not. Either way, that baby becomes their entire life and we all reap the benefits of seeing someone else do it first. This person is not good for your baby fever. Don't look too long at the cuteness. 

There's the person who DIY's everything. This person is also usually the perfect party planner, and their instagrams are filled with all the pretty things (this is the person I wish I had time to be).  They make everything look so easy but chances are the stuff they're doing is actually incredibly difficult. We all want to be like them, but for now we'll just watch them make all the cool stuff.


  1. The last one has me cracking up! I am the least crafty person lol.

  2. I think the traveling one bothers me the most! (Because I'm jealous, not because I dislike people like that.) I'm like, "BUT I CAN'T AFFORD THAT!" when I probably could if I never bought clothes, didn't buy a house, didn't have dogs... I'm definitely the lame married one. No shame! Ha!


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