Be Unstoppable

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Unstoppable. That is my universities magic word. As an all girls school, we all took pride in the fact that we were soaring miles above the expectations that some people had for us. This couldn't have been clearer than at graduation when one student gave a speech on stage that was so honest, so empowering and overall so unstoppable that we were all cheering by the end. 

Lately I've been reading Year of Yes, by Shonda Rhimes, if you haven't read this yet RUN to the library and get it, you NEED this book. She dedicates an entire chapter to the fact that, as women, we tend to be more shy about our accomplishments. Rather than embrace the fact that were out here doing big, important things, women tend to be more quiet about the fact that they're making a difference. 

She calls bullshit on that. 

And so do I. 

As women, I think it's more important than ever for us to shout our accomplishments to the world. Be proud of yourself as a professional, a mother, a student, or anything else you may be. Because what you're doing is important. 

I graduated on Monday with 200 other unstoppable women. Women who will go on to do great things. And as someone who is confident in what I'm doing, I can be happy for them, even proud of them. 

We need to celebrate each other. And we need to celebrate ourselves. Whether you have it all figured out or not, you need to remind yourself that what you're doing is important, and at this time it's right for you. 

Don't be humble, don't be shy, be unstoppable. 


  1. I agree with this 100%!!! We should all be unstoppable.

  2. Yes! I love this piece of advice. Now, more than ever, I agree that we need to celebrate our accomplishments, as well as the successes of others.

  3. I can feel your fire reading this. Let's indeed be unstoppable. We only have one shot at life anyway. :)


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