Sixteen and Other Important Numbers Affecting My Life Today

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

89.16...the amount of money I've spent on coffee (i.e. starbucks, coffee bean, etc.) in the past month alone. Talk about a reality check. After spending this weekend taking a look at our spending habits it's clear Daniel and I have got some serious work to do when it comes to being smarter about our finances.

16...number of school days until graduation, have any advice for me as graduation day approaches? Let me know, here.

20...weeks until I'm off to Daytona and then Cancun! Paradise, I'm coming for you.

4...more papers I have to write before college is a thing of my past.

1...the number of books I've had the time to read for fun in the past month. This makes me so sad.

99...the amount of money I spent on my brand new Keurig. It's blue and on sale at Target right now, I'm obsessed and I'm hoping it will deter me from going to a coffee shop every morning. Justifying spending in order to stop spending...No, YOU have a problem. 

7 (months)...the age of our kitten. He's getting so big already!

1000...number of times I've checked the Ellen Show website to see if they've announced who we'll be seeing when we go to the show. Nothing announced yet.

3...weeks until we head off to Vegas for an adventure filled weekend getaway.

24...the age Daniel will be on the 28th of the month.

5...birthday celebrations we were invited to this month. April is so busy.

8...number of tickets I picked up today for the commencement ceremony. One step closer, yay!

As much as I'm not a numbers person, it's amazing how much they have an impact on my life. Which numbers are affecting you today?

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  1. Yay for graduation being so close! I know you are ready for it to get here. :)


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