Easter Weekend Snapshots

Monday, March 28, 2016

Any Monday is better when you get to wake up on your own terms with no real responsibilities calling your name first thing in the morning. That's exactly how today started for me and I'm loving it. I'm currently posted up on our brand new Ikea couch under a sweater blanket from Target and it's raining outside. Seriously, I couldn't make up a more perfect morning if I tried to follow what was basically a perfect weekend. Here's a little of how our Easter weekend looked.

Saturday morning we ended up back at Ikea for what seems like the millionth time recently (not that I'm complaining) to get all of the final decorative touches. Thirty-minutes Two hours later and we were stumbling out of there feeling complete but hungry. We hit CPK for a quick breakfast pizza before getting on the road. Once everything gets put together you can expect plenty of home-update photos. 

Saturday afternoon we drove to Daniel's grandparents house to stay the weekend with them. We decorated eggs, used their jacuzzi and cooked grilled salmon and veggies for dinner. We drank wine and caught up. His grandparents are truly amazing people and they've been nothing but welcoming to me. I love spending time with them although it is no less than a two hour drive to their house. I wish we lived closer but we enjoy every minute we have together. 

Sunday morning we got up and got ready at our own pace. We had breakfast at their house but tried not to eat too much because we had lunch reservations at the Surf and Sand Resort in Laguna Beach. It was about an hour drive, and so worth the small trip. The resort was beautiful. 

The restaurant was right up against the water, it was an open ceiling so we could hear and see the ocean right outside. I love the smell of the ocean and it made our lunch that much more relaxing. 

We posed for endless pictures against the beautiful backdrop. 

I love him because he makes me ugly laugh. 

I had the short rib with carrot puree for lunch, and vanilla bean bread pudding for dessert. I couldn't get over how good it was, I was still a little full from breakfast but I managed to finish most of my food. 

Post-food coma and ocean bliss selfie. 

Daniels beautiful grandmother. I was so glad that I remembered to bring my polaroid on this trip! 

After such a good afternoon we headed back to their house and watched a movie before heading back on our long drive home and crashing into bed. Overall it was such a good weekend and I wish it hadn't ended so soon. 

What was the best part of your weekend? Happy Monday! 

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