Our First Trip to the Container Store

Monday, February 29, 2016

Sometimes you walk into a store, and everything suddenly feels right in the world. It's like someone out there was listening to you every time you said, "hey, wouldn't it be great if [insert awesome thing here] existed" and then they created it. Over the weekend I found out that for me, that place is the container store. And it is everything you could ever want in life plus some. We took our first trip there this weekend although my mom has been raving about it for months now. A thirty minute drive seemed too out of the way but today we thought that we might as well give it a try, what harm could it do?

The answer is a lot, for your bank account anyway. I'm not even joking this place is like Disneyworld for actual adults. Everything is organized by the different rooms of your house and even if you think there's nothing that you need believe me, you are wrong and you will find whatever that thing is in this store. This trip there was actually a few things we really truly needed. As our apartment continues coming together we're finding more items that help pull it all in. 300 dollars later we left the container store with a lot more than we needed, but all things that we are happy to use.

This trip we picked up an expandable bamboo utensil tray, two different bamboo roll-out organizers, an expandable drawer organizer, and a chrome 18-bottle spice rack. We got a few other things as well, and left out some stuff that I would have loved to have purchased right then and there like the white barcelona 5-shelf bookcase pictured above. Thank god we are at least thirty minutes from the nearest one of these stores, it's as dangerous as Target in there. Which we also stopped at right after because it was next door. Overall, it was a pretty successful although somewhat hurtful shopping trip (for our wallets). If you need me i'll be using my new label maker to organize my new spice rack.

Adulting is fun.

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