Hello February

Monday, February 01, 2016

I love the month of February. It's a shorter month, although its a leap year so we're sneaking an extra day in there this time. It's a month full of love, and chocolate, and pink, and more chocolate. Just give me all the chocolate. Here are some suggestions for ways to spend your 29 days to the fullest.

Go wine tasting // And eat more chocolate. Are we sensing a theme for today's blog post? 

Send flowers to someone you love // Or pick up some for yourself on your next trip to Trader Joe's. 

Read a romance novel // I just started Rainwater by Sandra Brown. 

Start planning a Spring trip // Spring break is right around the corner, start brainstorming with your friends to plan the details of a getaway 

Go to the spa or have a spa day at your house // My mom, sister and I are going to a girls spa day next weekend. If you can't afford a day at the spa, give yourself a facial, take a bubble bath and light some eucalyptus candle. You'll still end the day feeling relaxed. 

Have an Oscars movie marathon, watch all the movies that are up for awards // Then you'll feel educated enough to give your opinions if watch the award show with friends. 

Sign up for a free week of yoga // Lot's of studios offer them and you just might find a new activity that you love. 

Find a recipe for Super Bowl Sunday // Bonus points if its something shaped like a football. 

Buy some coloring books // Spend an entire Sunday coloring and watching your favorite Disney movies.

Start a Journal // Use it for anything you want, make it yours. 

Leave your significant other a note everyday in a place that will be easy for them to find it // Little gestures go a long way. 

Use your extra day to do something you wouldn't normally do // This year the 29th falls during my Spring break so I don't know whats in store. 

What will you do this February? 

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