Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Yesterday I came across an article about the monk that scientists consider to be the worlds happiest man. This isn't something they just decided, but rather they actually monitored his brain activity over a period of time, and found extreme differences between his brain and the average person. When they asked him what he did differently he simply stated that for 15 minutes each day without interruption, he thinks of only happy things. 

This sounds like the most simple of tasks but it's actually much more difficult than you might imagine. It's easy to be happy about something in a fleeting moment, but to sit and think of only happy, positive things for 15 minutes straight takes practice. 

And in a society that focuses much more on negativity than positivity, it is so important. 

With everything thats happened this past week, and the way I've been feeling each morning when I wake up, I need now more than ever to focus on the things I'm grateful for, which is a lot. 

Today I'm grateful for...

The fact that I have an apartment, and I can afford to keep it.

A healthy, happy kitten who greets me like a puppy when I come home. 

A job that I'm fully adjusted to, and that I have coworkers who are understanding and helpful. 

The fact that graduation is 58 school days away. 

A husband who makes me breakfast in the morning, even when that means waking up earlier than he normally would.

Parents who are there for me unfailingly even when they have their own stuff going on. 

Wednesday's, because that means were two more days away from the weekend. 

What are you grateful for today?

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