Our First Trip to the Container Store

Monday, February 29, 2016

Sometimes you walk into a store, and everything suddenly feels right in the world. It's like someone out there was listening to you every time you said, "hey, wouldn't it be great if [insert awesome thing here] existed" and then they created it. Over the weekend I found out that for me, that place is the container store. And it is everything you could ever want in life plus some. We took our first trip there this weekend although my mom has been raving about it for months now. A thirty minute drive seemed too out of the way but today we thought that we might as well give it a try, what harm could it do?

The answer is a lot, for your bank account anyway. I'm not even joking this place is like Disneyworld for actual adults. Everything is organized by the different rooms of your house and even if you think there's nothing that you need believe me, you are wrong and you will find whatever that thing is in this store. This trip there was actually a few things we really truly needed. As our apartment continues coming together we're finding more items that help pull it all in. 300 dollars later we left the container store with a lot more than we needed, but all things that we are happy to use.

This trip we picked up an expandable bamboo utensil tray, two different bamboo roll-out organizers, an expandable drawer organizer, and a chrome 18-bottle spice rack. We got a few other things as well, and left out some stuff that I would have loved to have purchased right then and there like the white barcelona 5-shelf bookcase pictured above. Thank god we are at least thirty minutes from the nearest one of these stores, it's as dangerous as Target in there. Which we also stopped at right after because it was next door. Overall, it was a pretty successful although somewhat hurtful shopping trip (for our wallets). If you need me i'll be using my new label maker to organize my new spice rack.

Adulting is fun.

Writing For Yourself vs. Writing For Your Readers

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

image via wishwishwish

Three years ago I started a blog and less than six months after I started that blog, I erased it. Not because I wasn't enjoying it, but because I didn't feel like I was creative enough to come up with the content that would grab the attention of readers and make them want to keep coming back. Fast forward to a year ago when I decided to give it another try. However, this time would be different because this time I would write for myself. 

This is not to say that I wouldn't create content that I hoped people would find useful or interesting. When I sit down to write a blog post I usually start by thinking about things that are on my own mind. What's been happening in my life lately, and would any of it be important enough to share with others? With a few words on a computer screen would I make a difference in anyone's day? Maybe or  maybe not. I've adventured into this new stage of my blogging life with the attitude that as long as I'm creating content that is relevant to me, then that's what matters. This isn't as easy as it sounds, especially as someone who cares more than I should about what other people think of me. 

It's so easy, and dangerous, to compare yourself and your blog to others.  But what you have to say is important. And whether you write for others or for yourself, all that matters is that you get your words out there. You have something to say whether you always feel like it or not. Content is about writing things that matter to you. Remind yourself that your content is not better or worse than anyone else, it's just uniquely you. 

Anything you do with passion whether for others or for yourself is something done right. Who do you write for? 

It's Okay To Not Have It All Figured Out

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

image via tumblr 

As graduation quickly approaches for many seniors such as myself, it's easy to let the stress of trying to have your entire life figured out completely take over. If there's one thing that I've learned from my own college experiences, its that you can plan all you want (and believe me, I have, a lot) but that doesn't mean that things will necessarily turn out in the way you have pictured in your head. 

And that's okay. 

The best thing about college is the freedom to choose your own path. I started out wanting to be an English major, than an Education major, and now I've decided that the best choice for me is to finish out a degree in liberal studies. Sometimes I think a degree with so much variability can be looked down upon, but I have a plan and I also understand that for what it's worth, that plan could change tomorrow. 

That's not to say that I don't have specific goals for myself, I do. But I'm taking college for what its worth and learning as much as possible while I'm here, something I also plan to do once I graduate. I'm lucky enough to have a job right now that I feel comfortable enough with that I could continue it, and be happy with it after graduation. Half the fear of graduating comes from not knowing what's next, but that's also half the fun. Being young, and married it's a little different for me. I don't have any plans to graduate and chase a job thats across the country or somewhere outside of the country altogether, but maybe you will. Maybe a chance will come up that's too good to pass up and as unprepared as you may feel for something like that now, I'm willing to bet you might surprise yourself if it ever comes up. 

Don't miss out on your last semester of college because you're too busy being stressed out about what your next step is. After 13 years of straight schooling, I know that later I'll probably look back on this time and feel good about just enjoying the ride. 

Life has the tendency to embrace you in the unexpected. So take the time to make the most of where you're comfortable now, and open up to the possibilities of an undefined future. 

Daily Adventures of Stitch the Kitten

Monday, February 22, 2016

Wake up in the morning like nope, today's canceled, everybody go back to bed. 

Have some breakfast, but only after mom leaves a couple pieces on the floor for me to "catch" on my own. 

Trying to wash up after breakfast, but I'm a big boy and the sink is too small. 

Problem solved. I'm ready for a bath, mom. 

That was exhausting, time for nap. 

Followed by a quick game of hide and seek. 

My favorite hiding spots include inside plastic bags, and under the couch. 

Tired again, another nap please. 

Bedtime already? Let's do this again tomorrow.


Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Yesterday I came across an article about the monk that scientists consider to be the worlds happiest man. This isn't something they just decided, but rather they actually monitored his brain activity over a period of time, and found extreme differences between his brain and the average person. When they asked him what he did differently he simply stated that for 15 minutes each day without interruption, he thinks of only happy things. 

This sounds like the most simple of tasks but it's actually much more difficult than you might imagine. It's easy to be happy about something in a fleeting moment, but to sit and think of only happy, positive things for 15 minutes straight takes practice. 

And in a society that focuses much more on negativity than positivity, it is so important. 

With everything thats happened this past week, and the way I've been feeling each morning when I wake up, I need now more than ever to focus on the things I'm grateful for, which is a lot. 

Today I'm grateful for...

The fact that I have an apartment, and I can afford to keep it.

A healthy, happy kitten who greets me like a puppy when I come home. 

A job that I'm fully adjusted to, and that I have coworkers who are understanding and helpful. 

The fact that graduation is 58 school days away. 

A husband who makes me breakfast in the morning, even when that means waking up earlier than he normally would.

Parents who are there for me unfailingly even when they have their own stuff going on. 

Wednesday's, because that means were two more days away from the weekend. 

What are you grateful for today?

The Saddest Post

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Last week was hands down one of the hardest weeks I can ever remember having. Every time I thought that I would have five seconds to catch my breath, I felt like I was knocked over sideways with more bad news. It started on Wednesday, when we got the saddest news that Daniels grandmother had passed away. She was the sweetest, most loving person in his family and my heart broke for their entire family. 

On Thursday, I came home from school to discover that our little Stitch kitten, and Minnie both had fleas. We've had fleas once before and it was one of the worst experiences ever so we went into survival mode to try and destroy any fleas floating around in our apartment. 

Friday, I took Minnie to the vet for a flea bath and an exam. She had been acting a little strangely lately but she's been consistently healthy for the past ten years that we've had her, so I didn't think much into it. On Saturday, I received the most devastating news that she was suffering from liver failure and pancreatitis. It was so far advanced that we made the decision to put her down so she wouldn't have to suffer anymore. It was the hardest thing I've ever had to do. 

I spent the rest of Saturday, Sunday, and Monday with my family trying to make sense of the week. I've woken up each day wishing that the whole week had been some horrible nightmare that would start itself over and reverse everything, but it wasn't. 

Although I woke up again sad today, I am focusing this morning on trying to be more positive. I am a believer that my own happiness is in my control, and there are things that I can do to start feeling better. Today, that means catching up and getting ahead on my homework while I lay in bed watching Gilmore Girls. It also means stopping for coffee before work this afternoon and getting to sleep early tonight. It's the little things that help me get back into my normal routine that make me feel better. Things can only get easier from here. 

How do you get through hard times? 

Five on Friday: Valentine's Day

Friday, February 12, 2016

image via brightnest

I love romance movies all year long and any excuse to guilt my husband into watching them too is alright with me. He'll deny it, but I know he loves them. Our past week leading up to one of my favorite holiday's has been a rough one. We've been dealing with the loss of a family member, as well having a sick kitten at home and some newly found fleas in our apartment. To say that we need a break is an understatement. Sunday we both have the day off and although we originally planned to go to Disneyland, it doesn't look like thats going to happen this weekend, and thats okay. Sometimes plans change and you adjust. This weekend I'm adjusting by pulling together all my favorite romance movies, and sharing a few of those with you here, to have a movie marathon. We also have plans for dinner at a new restaurant we've been wanting to try. It will still be just as good. Today I'm linking up with A. Liz Adventures to bring you five movies to watch on your valentines night-in this weekend if you so choose. 

One// Sleepless in Seattle 

Two// How to Lose A Guy in Ten Days

Three// The Fault in Our Stars 

Four// Winter's Tale

Five// The Notebook

What are some of your favorite romance movies? Happy Valentine's Weekend! 

Not That Type Of Person

Thursday, February 04, 2016

It's kind of a random Thursday. I didn't get enough sleep and I'm counting down the days to the weekend. I feel like a post a lot of things about myself and the type of person I am, so today I thought I'd talk about the type of person I am not.

One// I am not the type of person to show self-restraint when it comes to shopping.

Two// I am not the type of person who can function before coffee in the morning. 

Three// I am not the type of person who drinks beer, but give me all the wine.  

Four// I am not the type of person to turn down a slice of pizza, or three. 

Five// I am not the type of person that is good at sticking to a budget. 

Six// I am not the type of person to give up easily when I think my point is right. 

Seven// I am not the type of person who prefers going out. 

I can't be alone in all of these,  so what type of person are you?

Hello February

Monday, February 01, 2016

I love the month of February. It's a shorter month, although its a leap year so we're sneaking an extra day in there this time. It's a month full of love, and chocolate, and pink, and more chocolate. Just give me all the chocolate. Here are some suggestions for ways to spend your 29 days to the fullest.

Go wine tasting // And eat more chocolate. Are we sensing a theme for today's blog post? 

Send flowers to someone you love // Or pick up some for yourself on your next trip to Trader Joe's. 

Read a romance novel // I just started Rainwater by Sandra Brown. 

Start planning a Spring trip // Spring break is right around the corner, start brainstorming with your friends to plan the details of a getaway 

Go to the spa or have a spa day at your house // My mom, sister and I are going to a girls spa day next weekend. If you can't afford a day at the spa, give yourself a facial, take a bubble bath and light some eucalyptus candle. You'll still end the day feeling relaxed. 

Have an Oscars movie marathon, watch all the movies that are up for awards // Then you'll feel educated enough to give your opinions if watch the award show with friends. 

Sign up for a free week of yoga // Lot's of studios offer them and you just might find a new activity that you love. 

Find a recipe for Super Bowl Sunday // Bonus points if its something shaped like a football. 

Buy some coloring books // Spend an entire Sunday coloring and watching your favorite Disney movies.

Start a Journal // Use it for anything you want, make it yours. 

Leave your significant other a note everyday in a place that will be easy for them to find it // Little gestures go a long way. 

Use your extra day to do something you wouldn't normally do // This year the 29th falls during my Spring break so I don't know whats in store. 

What will you do this February? 

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