Saturday Steps to a Cleaner Apartment

Saturday, January 30, 2016

By the time the end of the week comes I am usually embarrassed by the state of our apartment. Daniel and I both have very different schedules and each of us seem to run through our apartment like a tornado during the week in the few moments we spend there. 

I am most guilty of leaving my clothes on the floor. Especially before work or school, when I can't find something I want to wear I'll put on four to five different outfits that somehow end up on the floor in both the bedroom and the bathroom. Multiply that by 5 days a week and suddenly I think I have no clothes even though I probably stepped on half of them on my way to the closet. Daniel is guilty of "cleaning" by starting one area of the apartment, moving onto something else and then never finishing what he started. The two of us together make for a very bad pairing when it comes to our tiny one bedroom apartment because things pile up so quickly. 

By the time Saturday morning comes around, I usually get bitten by the cleaning bug. I need a clean space because it helps alleviate any anxiety I might have been feeling throughout the week. Now don't get me wrong, I have no desire to spend the first three-four hours of my weekend by cleaning. But if I put in even an hour, maybe two to fixing up the space I'm always amazed by the results. If you're anything like me, try this easy steps to cleaner apartment that will leave you feeling accomplished and relaxed for the rest of your weekend.

1// Grab a large trash bag and pick one room to start with. I suggest starting with the messiest room so you get it out of the way while you still have some motivation. Set a timer on your phone for three minutes and throw away anything that's lying around that you know for sure you no longer need. Repeat this step in each room, three minutes each. Grab a couple more trash bags if you need to. This step is huge in eliminating some of the most unnecessary things lying around in your space.

2// Once the trash is out of the way I try and pick up all the clothes. If i've thrown them on the floor its too hard to go through each piece of clothing and try to decide whether or not they need washed, so just to be safe I wash anything lying around. Laundry, although an obnoxious chore, is something that is nice because it can be done while you're doing everything else. My biggest struggle with the laundry is getting it put away! 

3// After throwing in some laundry I move onto my least favorite of all the chores, the dishes. When you're constantly eating on the run, its so easy to let the dishes pile up in the kitchen. I hate, hate, hate them. If you're like me, get them out of the way early on in your cleaning day. In our tiny kitchen, dishes can take up so much space if we let them get out of control but the second they're clean we suddenly have so much counter space open. 

4// If you have a few more minutes at this point, you can finish your morning of cleaning with a quick dusting of the counters in both your kitchen and bathroom. If you don't have the time, move onto the last steps.

5// To finish off my cleaning I try to sweep the kitchen floor (we have hardwood) and vacuum the living and bedroom. I make our bed and light a candle and suddenly, although not perfect, everything seems a little bit better. 

What steps do you take for a cleaner home? 

Friday Finds for the Beauty Challenged

Friday, January 29, 2016

I've never been big on wearing make-up. I usually stick to the simple but reliable routine of BB creme/tinted moisturizer, a little mascara and some eyeliner (if I'm trying to dress things up a bit). On the other hand, my little sister is a make-up guru. Anytime a new product comes out, she knows about it. I'm always asking begging her to do my make-up for me if I'm going anywhere that requires more effort than what I just told you about, and I have a hard time justifying any make-up purchases for fear that I won't actually get any use out of them. 

Is that just me? 

Anyway, yesterday my sister and I took a casual stroll through Sephora because we had some time to kill. Mistake number one. Even though I'm not a big make-up person, I still get sucked in by all the pretty colors and packaging of the things I don't really need. This trip was no different. I walked out with a new full-coverage foundation, a beauty blender, and a Tarteist Lip Paint, which is one of those pretty little things you see up there. It seems to me like a mix between a lip gloss and a lipstick, and it dries on matte. I went with the namaste (nude) color, which is the second one pictured above. I cannot lie to you guys or stress this enough, I am OBSESSED with this lip product. It's soft, and slides on perfectly. The color is amazing and I didn't have to try hard to make it look good. I'm already considering buying more, I love the bae (red), lovespell (pink), and manbun (dark berry). They also come in a few more color choices as well. 

This would make a perfect Gal-entines gift for the beauty lover in your life, or for yourself of course. These are $20 dollars each. 

Happy Friday! Which color do you like best? 

Finding Comfort in the Routine

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

In the past few weeks since school started I've often caught myself complaining about the monotony of my daily routine. My day's have become a blur of wake up, go to school, go to work, come home, do homework, pass out and repeat. Just yesterday I was telling someone how I felt like I was in the movie groundhog day. Little to nothing changes day to day, which has me counting down to the weekend as soon as I get to Monday.

On the other hand, just less than two months ago I was complaining because Daniel's military life allowed for no semblance of a routine at all. We were constantly up in the air about what we would be doing at this point, where we would be, how we would be making money and virtually unsure of every aspect of where our lives were going, but now we know.

I'm learning that everyday won't be extraordinary or surprising. We might not take any spontaneous trips, or celebrate anything special. But every morning before I get started on my normal routine, I get to wake up with Daniel in our tiny apartment and savor the few minutes of husband and kitten cuddles before were off. I'm able to find comfort in the day to day because its the littlest things that make everything else that much more exciting. So embrace the routine, because its your life, and its special.

Designing Your 2016

Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Less resolution, more doing

Less procrastination, more work 

Less spending, more saving 

Less overthinking, more living in the moment

Less attention on the things that don't matter, more spending time with the ones I love

Less Netflix, more writing 

Less taking for granted, more appreciating 

Less waiting, more designing

What will you do less and more of this year?

New Year, New Adventure

Tuesday, January 05, 2016

As a holiday, the New Year ranks pretty low on my list of favorites. I've never been big on parties, preferring to stay at home rather than try to make something out of nothing. Its always been an excuse to drink excessively and make bad decisions, and in a lot of ways it just hasn't ever appealed to me as something to put a lot of effort into celebrating. 

The one thing that I have always loved about the new year however, its the feeling that comes along with it. The feeling of hope, and new beginnings. Although I'm not one for resolutions, I did a little reflecting on where I am now compared to last year at the new year, and its amazing how much has changed. For one, I didn't have to say goodbye to Daniel over the weekend like I would have if he was still in active duty. Instead, he went to work down the street from our apartment and I knew when he'd be coming home. It's such a better feeling to share all my new experiences with him in person rather than over the phone, especially because so far this new year has brought with it so many new adventures, for example...

new adventure 1: I've started a new job. A job with set, grown-up hours and an office and some amazingly supportive co-workers. I'm still training but my first day alone is Monday. I'm nervous and excited and so grateful for the experience that I'll be gaining by working in this new position. 

new adventure 2 : We got a kitten. His name is stitch and he's just under two months old. He's sweet and cuddly but he's also four pounds of trouble. He gets into everything, he nibbles on our toes and he loves the smell of people food so he thinks it's cute to push our plates out of our hands so he can get a little taste of what we've got going on. He is a lot of work, but it's an adventure I'm happy to be taking, most days. 

new adventure 3 : On Monday I start my last semester of college, possibly forever if I so choose. It's exciting and a little sad because I can't remember a time in my life without school, its bittersweet I guess. I've already received the link to purchase my cap and gown and it's wonderful knowing that I'm four short months away from the culmination of all the work I've put into school the last five-ish years.    

Only five days into this new year and I'm feeling good about where I am, and where I'm headed. I hope you're off to a good start!

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