I Need A Staycation

Monday, November 09, 2015

I usually feel refreshed on a Monday but lately they've been making me so tired. Recently my schedule has been a mix of school Monday-Thursday, working Friday-Sunday and a whole lot of apartment and life planning thrown in between. I definitely took the lazy summer that I had for granted and I'm wishing for a little rewind back to August or better yet a fast forward into December so I can just have a few hours to relax. Lately I've been finding myself scrolling through the pages of Airbnb daydreaming of escaping to some faraway land. Okay, that sounds a little fairytale-ish but I'd even settle for a weekend trip to the mountains or a drive down the coast to somewhere a little warmer (did I mention we dropped down into the low 60's this week? hello, I am freezing!) Anyway, I can't really afford anytime for an impromptu getaway. But in two weeks I will be moving into my new apartment and once I get settled you can bet i'll be hosting as many staycations as I can manage with my man before he's off for more military training. If you're having the same problem as me, here are some perfect at home solutions that you can do alone or with that special someone in your life.

Choose a recipe, anything you've been dying to make and just make it. Lately I've gotten the cooking bug, and cooking by yourself or with someone else can be so therapeutic and romantic. Choose a recipe like this sleeptime stew, go to the grocery store and buy all of your ingredients and a bottle of wine, play some music and spend all night cooking, eating, drinking and talking.

Movie night in. This one is self-explanitory. Grab a few of your favorite movies, hit the 99 cent store and pick up some of your favorite candy, throw in some comfy blankets and you're good to go. This one might be better as a solo activity if your movie tastes are anything like mine, Shirley MacLaine marathon, anyone?

At home spa day. Not everyone can afford to hit the trendiest spa in their city, I know I can't. But being from LA I feel like I'm constantly bombarded with pictures of people's adventures to the four seasons, and other local hot spots. As much as I wish I could join in, I think this time around i'll have to settle for an at home spa day. This ones simple too, make yourself some fruity water. Buy some bath salts, and throw on your robe. Spend all day soaking up whatever makes you most relaxed. Bonus points if you buy some cucumbers for resting on your eyes like in all the movies. 

Take a book-cation. This one is so easy in my house because we seem to literally have books on every surface. If you're not over-crowded like us, this is still easy and its the key to a relaxing but fun day in. Hit your local library for some free books, go home and make a blanket fort and stay under the covers all day while you adventure from story to story, you won't even feel like you're at home at all. 

Whatever you choose to do it should leave you feeling relaxed, refreshed and ready to take on another busy week. 

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  1. A staycation sounds so amazing right now! I am in need of one too.


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