Wednesday's Are Weird

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Is it a coincidence that only a little over a week ago I posted all the ways in which Rory Gilmore represented my life, and now there's talk of a Gilmore Girls reunion? I think not. The Netflix rumor god's have spoken and may be shining down on us with a little mini-series to wrap up the very unwrapped ending that we were left with in the beloved show. Did Rory ever end up with Logan, or Jess, or Dean (please, not Dean). Did Lorelai and Luke ever make it work? Did neither of them end up with anyone and instead chose to stay the two strong independent women they've been from the shows beginning? These are the questions that haunt us, and world may finally receive some much needed answers. At least we know Ellen's on board.

In other less important news by any standards, I'm all finished with midterms. That means that we can maybe get back to some semblance of normalcy around here. Does that mean actual, real life posts? Definitely not today, maybe tomorrow, at least its a start.

I hope you're all doing wonderful, fall related stuff this October with lots of instagraming, pumpkin spice drinking, and 13 nights of halloween movie watching. I'll be over here counting down the days until the Gilmore Girl's mini-series is confirmed, and using Halloween as an excuse to consume any and all candy that enters my house.

Happy Wednesday, get weird.


  1. I've seen a ton of people posting about it! I actually never watched the show.

  2. I seriously hope it's all true!


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