Write It Out: Back To You

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

sometimes when i hear that song,
it brings me back to you.
and even though it's been so long,
i know you miss me too.
we've come so far from those two people,
that we used to be.
but here and now i think of you and i can almost see
the world we could have, would have had,
if there was you and me.

when the music plays,
i drift to another time.
one that makes me think,
of when i could call you mine.
but there's a reason that the here and now,
is where we're supposed to be.
and everything i learned from you,
i carry here with me.
so when you hear that song,
i hope you remember too.
because maybe in some far off world,
i'm meant to be with you.

this poem was inspired by the lives of my favorite fictional characters, Noah and Allie, from The Notebook. 


  1. Yes! Share more poetry!!! :) Beautiful, and I love learning about where the inspiration came from.


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