Sweet September: Goals

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

September is here and we are quickly approaching my favorite time of the year. August usually starts the big birthday cycle in my family and we have people to celebrate through December. Add that to the general change in atmosphere that comes with the beginning of Fall and I'm a happy camper. Here are some things I hope to accomplish this month.

One// Raise or save $200.00 dollars towards my graduation trip fund. I mentioned this in my post yesterday but if you're interested in donating or helping me get the word out there to save money up for my London and Paris trip you can find my travel campaign here.  

Two// Make school work a priority. Since this is technically my senior year, senioritis is honestly so real. But I'm in the final stretch and I know I want to finish strong. What do you do to stay motivated about work?

Three// Focus on the positivity in my marriage. We're back to long distance again and although it's hard, we're only three months away from Daniel coming home for good. I want to try and make these last three months mean something for us because we have so much to be positive about. 

Four// Read three new books. This one will become increasingly difficult because I already have so much reading to do for school, but reading for fun is so much better and I'm going to try to read at least three books this month.

Five// Clean out my closet and sell or donate the clothes I don't wear anymore. Recently I've been using the Poshmark site a lot to sell some of my old clothes. Now that I'm back home I realize how many more clothes I have that I don't need. My closet needs an end of Summer clean out!

What are your goals for this month? Happy September! 

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  1. It can be so difficult to make school work a priority! I struggled with that so much my last year, but you can do it!


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