Movies to Get You in the Fall Spirit

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Fall has been a very common theme around here on this blog lately, and I hope you aren't sick of it yet because it's only the end of September. That leaves a solid two more months to post about all the wonders that come with Fall. Last week I posted about TV shows that you should binge-watch during the Fall, but I thought I'd take it one step further by giving you some movie ideas as well, just in case you're an over-achiever like me and watch each show from the list in one day. Here are some of the movies that help put me in the Fall spirit. 

Hocus Pocus: Duh, because it's about Halloween. And it has Bette Midler, and it's usually about $10.00 at Target right around this time. So if you haven't picked up your copy yet, get to it. 

When Harry Met Sally: Really this one is good at any time. Meg Ryan, Billy Crystal and New York in the Fall. Talk about the perfect movie to curl up with a pumpkin drink and your favorite blanket. 

Remember The Titans: Fall and Football go hand in hand so any Football movie should really help get you in that Fall mood, trust me. 

Casper: Another Halloween-ish one, and worth watching. This always makes it on my Halloween movie marathon list because it's got the perfect spooky Victorian house and Fall atmosphere to help welcome in the season. 

Good Will Hunting: Matt Damon, Robin Williams, Boston, Fall. Just say yes. 

Practical Magic: One of my favorite Fall/Halloween movies. Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman play sisters & witches with cursed love lives. It's cheesy in the best ways and all around a great movie. 

What are some of your favorite Fall movies?


  1. Love all of these! Especially Hocus Pocus ;) I watch When Harry Met Sally each year around Christmastime. It's one of my all time faves.

  2. I used to watch Remember the Titans with my dad every fall, and now its kind of a tradition :) Great suggestions!

  3. Ah these are such great suggestions! When you think of movies falling into a certain seasonal category, "fall" doesn't typically come to mind (at least for me), but these are spot on! One TV show that always reminds of of fall is Friends, specifically the Thanksgiving episodes-- so great!

    1. I love the Friends Thanksgiving episodes! I totally understand how movies and Fall don't come to your mind right away, but if you try a few of these I bet that will change! :)

  4. Hocus Pocus is my favorite Halloween movie, I actually watch it all year long haha.

  5. Well tonight I am gonna have to watch when harry met sally hahah!


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