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Monday, September 14, 2015

I am all of three weeks into the Fall semester and I'm already feeling the overwhelming effects of letting myself get behind in my school work. Even now I should be working on an Art History assignment instead of writing this blog post, but I know that once I share some awesome tips with you guys then obviously i'll follow my own advice and get straight to work, right? It's so easy to get behind in college. Right now I'm taking seven classes and six of those are all in the same day, twice a week. By the time I get home I'd rather curl up with a blanket and some Netflix and fall right to sleep instead of beginning the pile of reading that I know is waiting not so patiently for me when I stop procrastinating. It's inevitable that these times happen during a semester and I'm sure that by the time I get myself all caught up again i'll be complaining about all the new stuff that I'm behind on. For now, i'll use these tips to help get myself back on track. 

one: Lists, lists, lists! I just can't stress the importance of making lists to help keep yourself on track. I usually write out everything I need to do twice before I ever get started. I make quick notes that jot down everything at once, and then I re-write them in order of importance (and usually by due date) so I know when things have to get done. 

two: In my opinion, just as important as keeping a list is where you keep it. Go out to Target, Staples, or any of the wonderful online shops you like and find a planner that you love. Try out a few different ones at first to find one that matches best with your lifestyle. Right now I use the Erin Condren Life Planner and it is a life saver. I've tried others as well but so far this is my favorite because it separates the days into different sections for me. I write down everything, seriously everything, that I want to try and accomplish during the day and it helps keep me somewhat accountable for my work. 

three: Once you've figured out what you need to do the hard part is making the time to do it. We live in a world full of distractions and the hardest thing in the world is to give those distractions up for some time to do the stuff we really need to get done. To accommodate this, just set aside a small amount of time each day where you turn off your phone, tv, etc. Take yourself to the library or starbucks, grab a pumpkin spice latte and just get stuff done! Start with a reasonable amount of time at first, maybe a half hour, and slowly work your way up to an hour or two every day to get work done.

four: If time schedules don't work for you try planning to get one thing done every day. Whether it's an assignment, or a handful of errands you have to run, if you can set aside the time for one item a day then you'll be knocking stuff off your to-do list in no time! 

five: Keep trying new things. I'll be honest, some of my best work is done when I wait till the last minute to do it. I also know that I cannot spend three hours studying for any subject even if I set aside the time for it. You have to understand what works best for your style and know that it will get easier as you go. 

If you're like me and let things pile up till you overwhelm yourself, try to remember that it does get better and you will get everything done that you need to. Keep a positive attitude about your work and you'll have more confidence in your ability to produce better work, faster. Don't give up on prioritizing and eventually it will come easy to you! 

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  1. Great points, I especially like the last one. It might seem backwards but totally makes sense (and works that way for me as well.) And lists - YES.


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