BLOG-TEMBER DAY 8: Favorite Season

Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Tuesday, September 8: Tell us about your favorite season. Why is it your favorite and what does it say about you?

Without a doubt my favorite season has always been and will always be Fall. Fall is an excuse to stay under the covers a few minutes longer, or to wake up early and take a cup of coffee with you on a walk around your leaf-covered neighborhood. Everything begs to be wrapped up in pretty scarves and oversized sweaters or blankets. There's just something so cozy and wonderfully magical about the whole thing. Not to mention all the pumpkin. I've already started my pumpkin baking, and candle buying and today is the release of the pumpkin spice latte so if you need me you'll find me at the nearest Starbucks. To me, Fall is a new beginning, more so even than the first of the year. If I could only live in the Fall season for the rest of my life then I'd be pretty content in doing just that. There's no denying that I am happiest during this time of year. 

What is your favorite season? 


  1. Summer is definitely my favourite season, but I do think that fall is my second favourite. I do love a good pumpkin spice muffin and cup of coffee! And I'm looking forward to October when my boyfriend and I go on an adventure to the pumpkin patch and corn maze near us!

  2. Great post! I've always looked at Fall that way, too! A new beginning! :)

  3. Hopping over from the Blogtember challenge!
    I think Fall might be my SECOND favorite season...or third haha. Second is a tie with Spring. But I love Fall for the majority of the reasons you said above, too :)

  4. I love Fall, it makes me miss North Carolina!

  5. Your fall collage is perfect - I love the fall Snoopy! It's still pretty hot in TN (it was 96 yesterday).... I'm ready for some fall-like weather now!

    1. We don't get a lot of the Fall here in California either so I feel like I'm always over-compensating for it so I don't miss out on my favorite season :)

  6. I am a huge fan of winter but find myself skipping the joys of fall- your photos reminded me just how much I don't want to do that!


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