Friday, September 11, 2015

Friday, September 11: It's a Friday night and you decide to stay in. What do you do?

Today's Blog-Tember post came at a perfect time because it just so happens that tonight is Friday and tonight I have planned a night in all to myself. My family is visiting friends in Minnesota till Sunday and since I had school and got stuck at home, I decided to treat myself with all the things I need for a relaxing night to myself.

 Here's what a Friday night in looks like for me: 
Greys Anatomy marathon, because no matter how many times Shonda Rhimes breaks my heart I just keep going back. 
Trader Joes mussels in white wine sauce, and a bottle of Charles Shaw Pinot Grigio, also from Trader Joes. 
At least three okay, four, big soft blankets to cuddle up with and a Bath and Body Works flannel candle to make my room all cozy. 
Ray Bradbury's, Dandelion Wine, the wonderful and beautiful book that I'm currently in the middle of and will probably be finished with by the time today is over. If you haven't read it, I strongly suggest it. 

I'll also do a little pampering. Right now our fridge is filled with Lush face masks. My little sister works at the mall and they're constantly bringing her samples of their products. Right now we have a BB Seaweed mask which relaxes and cleanses the skin, a mask called Don't Look At Me which refreshes the skin with lemon and rice, a Blueberry mask with chamomile to soothe the skin, and a Cupcake mask with cocoa powder and spearmint that helps with oily skin. I'll definitely be ending my Friday with one of these masks, but I don't know how I'll choose! 

All of these things together are going to make the most perfect Friday night in that I could ever hope for, the only thing I'm missing of course is my husband there to inform me of the inaccuracy of Grey's and to balance out my wine in-take with a beer or two for himself. 

What does your Friday night in look like? 


  1. Those face masks look awesome, may have to check them out!

  2. I absolutely adore face masks, we all need a little relaxation from time to time! And great call on the Grey's Anatomy!

  3. Dandelion Wine is my "what's your favorite book" answer! And I really think it's a perfect end-of-summer read... and oh Shonda... I feel you.

  4. You have described my ideal weekend night in the fall :) I love nights in! (I can't - and won't - watch Greys with my husband either. The nonsense just needs to be accepted and not discussed, haha!)


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