Write It Out Wednesday: Come Home

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Lately I've been feeling a lot of anxiety about the fact that in less then a month Daniel and I will be back to being a long distance married couple, aka the really crappy period of our life that I'm dying to get over with sooner rather then later. December he'll be coming home to me for good, hello best Christmas present ever. But until then we'll be left missing each other. When he was out in the field last week for only three days, all of that anxiety about being away from him started building up and I had to channel that energy somewhere, otherwise I probably would have turned into one big crying mess on the bedroom floor. A little thoughtfulness and some creativity later (no tears involved), and I ended up here, with a finished poem and a calmed heart. 

Come Home
waking up without you gets harder every day,
but I know that soon you'll be coming home to stay.
this journey we've been on is not for the faint hearted,
but look how far we've come, and we're only getting started.
I promise to protect you, and this little life of ours.
I only hope the distance isn't leaving any scars.
It's you and me against the world, just one day at a time, 
I feel like I'm the luckiest, just knowing that you're mine.
I'm counting down the days, until you're home for good.
I hope you never doubt, but if you ever should,
remember that I'm here with you, and always plan to be.
for this life wouldn't be a life at all, except for you and me. 

Happy Wednesday, go write it out.

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