Summer Skin Care

Thursday, July 02, 2015

When I was in high school I struggled with my skin. It was a constant battle. I had breakouts and I tried every different type of product out there, to no avail. There was nothing I could do and the only thing that truly made my skin better was time. As I got a little older my hormones called their crazy selves down and my skin cleared up (mostly). Recently, moving from the nice calm Los Angeles climate to the severely over-humid weather of  Fayetteville, my skin isn't reacting entirely well. 

One thing I've done to combat this is to boycott make-up altogether. I've never been big on wearing make-up in the summer anyways, but the fact that any small amount seems to melt off my face in a giant oily mess the second I walk out the door, just reinforces that decision. Don't get me wrong, when we go out to dinner or on a date I'm not going out looking like the homeless person who seems to take my place in my apartment. But when we run errands on the weekend, or spend time at the pool, there is absolutely no reason to wear make-up. 

The second thing I do is keep an army of products that help me balance out the ups and downs of summer time skin. When I shop at Sephora I am constantly on the look out for samples that will allow me to try out different products before I buy them. Recently I picked up a sample of the First Aid Beauty face cleanser. It's a gentle cleanser that is perfect for sensitive skin. I also always keep a package of Yes to Cucumbers cleansing towelettes. These can be found at Target for around five dollars and are perfect if you need something on the go or easy to transport. 

When I do need a little coverage, I turn to my go-to Tarte Amazonian Clay BB Tinted Moisturizer. It's a little more on the expensive side, but I use it all year round. It is one of the best products I've ever purchased and I wouldn't be easily swayed to choose anything else. It also has SPF in it which is so important. Whichever skin care products you choose, make sure it has some SPF in it! 

For my lips I turn to LUSH for their Mint Julep lip scrub. They have some other scents too but the mint julep smells (and tastes) so good! It also leaves my lips feeling so soft after I take it off, and don't be fooled by the small container, you only need a small amount so it lasts a really long time. 

What are some of your favorite Summer skin care products? Let me know in the comments below! 


  1. As I've gotten older I don't wear nearly as much makeup as I used to. I go out the door with mascara, a little blush and lip gloss.

  2. It's super hot and humid here as well, so BB cream is great with the added SPF. And a gel like moisturizer is key to humid weather!

  3. I don't wear any make up either, except on my eyes. My acne wasn’t bad in high school or college, but now at 25 years old, my acne decided to go insane. It started about 2 years ago when I changed my skin care routine. I always used the same facial cleanser, but then one day I decided I wanted to stop using the chemicals and go as natural as I could. I washed my face with Philosophy’s Purity (which I’ve used as an eye makeup remover for years). Well, within two days it clogged my pores & then I got scarring... and let’s just say 2 years later I am still battling my face. After years of trying different products, I decided to go back to my original skin care routine, but I also use coconut oil at night.


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