Things You Hear When You're Married To An Army Man

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

1. “When do you plan to start popping out little Americans” This was an actual question you guys, I can’t make this stuff up. 

I politely tell them that I’d like to finish school first, maybe travel a little…which they usually follow up with…

2. “Well you should definitely have them while he’s in the Army, you know, for the insurance and stuff”

3. During deployment: “I could never be away from my boyfriend for that long, I’d miss him too much”

4. Or even better: “do you miss your husband when he’s gone, or are you okay with spending time away from him”

5. “Do you get nervous about him cheating on you” 

6. “How do you guys, like, stay intimate while you’re so far away”

7. “You guys spend so much apart, it’s kind of like you’re not really married”

8. "At least you don't have to work because he probably makes a lot of money" 

9. "What is your plan for after he gets out of the military"  

honestly, I don't even have a plan for tomorrow. 

1 comment

  1. It really is amazing to me the level of stupidity! I have been asked some of the most off the wall questions, I just don't get some people.


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