The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: What I Bought

Saturday, July 18, 2015

I will be the first to admit that I had no clue that this Nordstrom sale even existed before opening up blogger yesterday, I know what you're thinking, has this girl been living under a rock? Obviously I did hear about it though once I started poking around the blog world, and I regretted it immediately. I love sales, and I hate them. I feel like they're just an excuse to justify buying things that I may, or may not, feel the need to buy later. Especially in a sale like the one going on at Nordstrom right now.There is so much stuff I would love to be the owner of, if I only had unlimited funds. This time around I decided to just pick up a few little things for Daniel, and of course I couldn't help but buy one splurge item for myself. 

Daniel is always talking about how he doesn't have any clothes to wear, and he's kind of right. He lives his life in uniform most of the time and his regular clothes have taken a little less importance. When I first met him, he loved to dress up. I'm talking button up shirts, nice jeans, bow ties, vests, the whole enchilada. But after he joined the army his style calmed down a little and he tends to stick to regular jeans and casual tee's. I found these three for him, which I love. Especially because I'll probably end up stealing them to wear when he has late work nights. 

And of course I couldn't pass up on a little something for myself...

The Dr. Martens Emmeline Boot that I have been coveting for the longest time, I'm talking like two years here people, and finally decided to buy. But now I'll be crawling away somewhere to cry about my lack of being able to stick to any type of budget, that is until my shoes get here and I forget all about it. 

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